All Time Sandy Awards – Preverts!

Better hide the children before reading this post…

The Nest turned ten years old a few months ago, and we’re marking that occasion with a pair of retrospective series.  We already saw my favorite squirrel pics from our first ten years, and now we’re well into our look back at the All Time Sandy Awards!  Since it would have been impossible to run a show for 2021, let this eleven week long Sandys extravaganza whet your appetite for search term silliness!

Part Nine will delve into one of my favorite categories, the wonderful, amazing and often scary realm of what the world gets its rocks off to!  These searches are rated everything from PG-13 to XXX, and as always… every bolded term was really, truly entered by someone into a search engine over the past ten years which led them to The Nest!

Here are some of the best examples of what some of my more raunchy readers were searching for over the past decade with their one free hand…

evil hotties nearby – There sure are, and none of them are interested in you…

famous pussy oops pic – I hope MBRS is famous enough for you…


pussy hamburger pics – Sure, make the poor McDonald’s burger flippers have to wear TWO hairnets!

mcdonalds buttplug

Grimace, I’ve discovered your true calling in life!

hershey highway cartoon – With or without almonds?

101 ways with a squirrel – I’m not sure I’d want to read the sciurine Kama Sutra…

Way #69

pic squirrel vagina
squirrel dick – What kind of a squirrel blog do you think I’m running here!?!?

how many tits does a gray squirrel have

Need help counting?

edmonton slut whore girls – And Wayne Gretzky thought he’d like it better in LA…

the little koala pantyshot – Looks like the kids of the 80’s have grown up… agewise, anyway.

Why the concerned face, sis?

cock rod cock rod cock song – Is this the naughty version of Duck Duck Goose?

wet pussy

Ody enjoys staring at wet pussy…

tree with big green nuts

Hey, I had big green nuts until I caught Dutch Elm disease from that peach tree floozy!

girl drink her own boobs milk – Maybe she was really thirsty?

kool aid man porn – I don’t know…. there’s just something about crashing through the wall that kinds ruins the mood.

naughty rain gauge – Bad rain gauge!  Bad!!!

This is why we keep the useless rain gauge in Rainy’s paws.

squirrel milf

You rang again?

cartoon crab fucking a scorpion – Now I wonder if a crab can get crabs?

make out with me.possum

Yeah!  Slip me some tongue!

pud pulling tumblr – This is why Tumblr banned adult content…

pictures of squirrel butts – Whatever floats your boat, man…

Tasteful nudity.

dick toasts – Ummmm…. are those anything like beer nuts?

share a coke with hussy – Why not, it worked for Clarence Thomas.

Hair not included.

cartoon airplane porn

Hey baby! My hangar or yours?

ducktales webby pantsless – Cartoon ducks don’t have to wear pants, it’s the Donald Rule.

humpy capybara

The results of humpy capybaras.

cat with pencil up buts – Poor kitty!

why does icdc college commercial has woman showing so much cleavage – How else are they gonna attract horny frat boys to their institution of higher learning?

ICDC knows how to party!

free pussy squirrel – You wish it was free…

xxxxxxxxxxxl pussy – Now we know what The Nest’s infamous XXXXXXXXXXXL Man was searching for!

Talk about a hot dog in a hallway…

nuns from hell fucking donkeys

Good night, everybody!

donkey hot dick – You’re gonna have to wait until the nun from hell is done with it…

multi breast art – As opposed to single-breast art?

Oh, not you AGAIN!

premature ejaculation guest blogger wanted – There’s a blog I really hope I never end up reading…

man fucks cabbage patch kid comic

It’s OK, sir. I’m an orphan. We’re used to sexual abuse.

crossfetish — nixi in spandex and in quicksand – Nixi can’t sink quick enough…

I Googled “Nixi” and this Lisa Frank cosplayer came up.

crocodile dundee thats not a woman grabbing balls – So it’s a man grabbing balls?  That’s even worse!

commercial porn condom photography – Forget the commercial porn, I want to know what in the hell condom photography is!

Why bananas had to be declared illegal.

jacob’s ladder for squirrels – There’s something I really hope doesn’t end up in my next squirrel photo.

kiss my left nut squirrel – That’s an invitation you’ll probably immediately regret…

miss piggys tits

Sorry, Miss Piggy doesn’t seem to be in the mood to flash the pork chops right now…

animated squirrel and skunk bestiality – Um, aren’t they both beasts?

50 shades of squirrel – What happens in the nest needs to stay in the nest…

kitty porn tv

cat sex

More popular than Kitten Cam!

squirrel incest porn pic – Squirrels in West Virginia are more likely to be shot than screw their cousins…

what do the tits of a nursing squirrel look like? – Why are so many people fascinated with squirrel teats!?!?!?!?!?

My fans out there just adore me!

Well, I’m sure you had to grab a fan and cool yourself off after reading some of those risque searches!  Amazingly, none of them even won this category!  To find out what my favorite preverted search is, as well as all of the other winners by category, you’ll have to wait two more weeks for the series finale!  There’s till one more category to present in the All Time Sandys, and you’ll get that a grand dose of that utter strangeness next Tuesday!


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Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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11 Responses to All Time Sandy Awards – Preverts!

  1. the ccol aid search makes us pondering ;O)))))

  2. I continue to think much of humanity is on a highway to hell……at least if internet search terms are any indication!


  3. Hot dog? Try Vienna sausage… Can that guy even find his dick? I admit to be wildly relieved when you took him off your side bar. I had a serious eye worm and could not UNSEE fat boy in his huge tighty whities. Maybe I’m just lonely for my deceased hubby…

  4. O.M.G. 🤪 I agree with Pam. Definitely on a highway to hell, probably with indefinite stops in Putinville and other points of … interest. Yikes.

  5. Kismet says:

    How about some avian porn?

  6. draliman says:

    “mcdonalds buttplug” is a pretty random thing to search for.
    I think you get them with Happy Meals…

  7. The scary part is those seekers are among us.

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