Share Your World – Week 166

Everyone’s favorite planet… including ours.

It was on March 10, 1977 that a trio of very alert astronomers made one of the most astounding scientific discoveries of our lifetime… that the seventh planet from the sun had a series of rings encircling it.  At the time, only Saturn was known to have a set of rings in our solar system, which is why it’s always been the poster boy for ringed planets.  But yes, it was only relatively recently that scientists discovered that there are rings around Uranus…

Huh huh huh! Huh huh huh!!! Huh huh huh!!!

And so, with the juvenile humor out of the way, it’s time for us to answer Melanie’s Share Your World questions for this week.  This promises to only be slightly more mature in nature…

Five golden rings…

What’s The Strangest Thing In Your Refrigerator Icebox?

There’s not a whole lot in there right now, and nothing really out of the ordinary, except…..


Those four cans of chocolate frosting, which I’ve discussed in a previous SYW answer post, are STILL residing in the very back!  To copy and paste the expiration dates on those four cans from that 2020 post….

  • May 10, 2019
  • June 14, 2017
  • February 27, 2014
  • April 29, 2011 (Predating even my blog!)

So if anyone’s looking to borrow some chocolate frosting from cans that probably aren’t even half used up, give me a holler!

Poop still looks great after 11 years!

Would You Rather Hear The Music Of Johann Sebastian Bach Played By A Barbershop Quartet, Or A Heavy Metal Band?

It’s somewhat known by now that the power chords that are the foundation of heavy metal music actually got their start with the great composers of the 18th Century.  So for a heavy metal band to play classical music wouldn’t really be much of a stretch… which is why Mozart was such a hit at the German biker bar in Falco’s video.

The original hair music…

I’m not sure a barbershop quartet could replicate classical music, given that they’re a vocal group and those fancy sonatas and symphonies and such didn’t have any words.  Maybe one of them could play Beethoven’s Fifth on their armpit, though….

If You Could Erase One Event From History, Which One Would You Erase?

Sorry, but Doc Brown warned me about messing with the past….. right before he got in his DeLorean and completely fucked up the future.

Doc, keep your future cooties out of 1985!

If Your Food Is Bad At A Restaurant, Do You Say Something?

What most people would consider to be bad is probably what I like.  If there aren’t any hairballs, blood or maggots in it… I’m not saying anything.

Plus it’s bad manners to talk with your mouth full.

On one side of the earth we’re facing upcoming Spring, and on the other Autumn.   What positive or uplifting thought do these changes bring to you?

You mean Autumn’s coming up in the Eastern Hemisphere?  Who knew?

I apparently didn’t make a comic about Spring, so now for something completely irrelevant…


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Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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17 Responses to Share Your World – Week 166

  1. noelleg44 says:

    The worst thing in my fridge? My husband’s umpteen jars of pickles and relishes. Honestly, I wish he’d just eat them with a spoon.

  2. Kismet says:

    If the frosting has turned green, you now have mint frosting.

  3. mydangblog says:

    I always enjoy it when people talk about Uranus 😉

  4. Okay then. 😶 Thank you kindly Bill, for Sharing Your World. You did a kind thing today for me in letting me (and your readers) all know that there is someone in the world who keeps sh-tuff wayyyy past its expiration date. I thought I was weird. So thanks for the support! 😀 A little bleach in the bog or hydrogen peroxide on the tushy ought to help with those possibly really unsightly Uranus rings too. 🙂 Your case against messing with the future is a solid one…NOBODY wants that kind of “fashion” to ever come back *owwie my eyes!! Send Christopher Lloyd back t 1945 and get the guy a decent suit and maybe a fedora….STAT. Hilarious bonus cartoon, I am very grateful you’ve begun to include one to bring a spark of joy to your readers and a fun twist to SYW! Bravo! Have a great week E.S.!

    • I also still have what’s left of a box of microwave popcorn that I bought when I moved in here up in the top of one of my kitchen cabinets. I haven’t gotten it down since I abandoned it ages ago, but it was bought in 2009. When I cleaned out my Neon after it quit running a few years ago, one thing I bagged up was all of the packets of salt and pepper left in the ashtray I used when eating in the car. Some of those were from a Wendy’s that closed down in 2003… and I still have them somewhere. I probably have perishables even older than that, but I’d have to ponder on the treasure trove of garbage I have around here…

  5. Willow Croft says:

    I’ll take the frosting! I’m in the wilds…of Kansas! Ha!

  6. draliman says:

    I hear 2011 was a good year for chocolate frosting…

  7. Old stuff in the refrigerator gets really weird eventually……either grows some new substitute for penicillin or turns a strange color or bursts open and infects everything else in the refrigerator with something akin to plague. Now that I’ve cheered you up perhaps you’ll throw that stuff away? Tee Hee


    • On a prompt from a reader who commented on the OLD post, I opened up the oldest can and it just looked really old… not moldy or anything. I’m pretty sure the lids have kept my entire icebox from turning green…

  8. I’m guessing that frosting will still be viable long after we’re gone. It’s kind of like Twinkies. Shelf life of 300 years or something like that.

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