Heaven Down Under

Hell hath no fury...

Which is just another name for….. Heck.

Spring has sprung, but does another Monday have you unable to spring from the bed?  The Nest has just what your earbuds need to bloom, as this is the day we melt the snow off another hibernating lost hit we dug up from that garden of musical daffodils we like to call the Dusty Vinyl Archive!  DJ Scratchy is ready to tiptoe through the tulips while wearing her six inch wedges, while the Sponkies use a magnifying glass to set fire to a colony of ants.  No, they wouldn’t do that!!!  Would they?  Anyway, let’s see if this week’s DVA puts a spring in your step…

For many years, the much of the music the US imported to play on pop radio came across the Atlantic from Europe, with the occasional Canadian hit sliding across the border.  The early 80’s saw a new big player in the music exportation business emerge from quite literally the other side of the world, and that was Australia.

How about some aussie death metal, mate?

The charge of Australian new wave was led by the breakout success of Men at Work, which helped pave the way for INXS, Midnight Oil, Pseudo Echo, Moving Pictures, and countless other Aussie bands from the 80’s that you’ve probably long forgotten about already.  So let me introduce another one you don’t remember, the Eurogliders!

How to look overly serious while sporting ugly 80’s hair…

Yeah, I couldn’t believe a band named the Eurogliders didn’t actually come from Europe either.  In fact, they never had any success in Europe at all.  They did become reasonably big in their homeland, and one single song of theirs managed to make a small dent in the US and Canadian charts… which is the only reason they’re not completely unknown north of the Equator.  That one song…. 1984’s “Heaven (Must Be There)”

I admit, it’s not the best song…. but it’s not terrible, (EDIT: 3/14/23 – I’ve come back to watch this video so much over the past year, that I think I can now say it is a GREAT song!) and it’s one of those songs that the first time I saw the video for it on VH-1 Classic in the 2000’s, I was like, “Hey, I remember that!”  And those long forgotten songs that creep back into my life will always be cool to me… and the main reason I started the Dusty Vinyl Archive to begin with!

Because the Kevin Paiges of music history should never be forgotten!

“Heaven” on made it to #65 on the US Hot 100, and #21 on the Mainstream Rock charts… but made enough of an impression to keep the Eurogliders from being a zero hit wonder.

I’ll stir up some more musical memories for you all next Monday!


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11 Responses to Heaven Down Under

  1. I nly know Without you, it was a horrible video, borrowed from adams family or something like that….

  2. Never heard it – maybe that says a lot about MY 1984 or maybe it was just bad enough that I never heard it on the radio? I like that bell instrument thing – don’t think I’ve seen that before.


    • I liked that bell thingie too! And the weird thing is, I don’t remember that at all! Only the chorus of the song stuck with me…. and thanks to me dredging it up a few days ago, I earwormed myself with it!

  3. Trisha says:

    I don’t remember the song or the band but I like the bell thingy. I wonder how a band from Australia came up with the name Euroglider? That’s kinda weird. But then it was the 80s. Weird was in!

  4. juliette says:

    Fun blast from the past. I have to make a comment on the fashion, as a former 80’s fashionista. The singer, in her plaid shirt and orange pants, and practical hair style, looks like a soccer mom trying to be cool. Not an 80’s soccer mom but one who lives right now. OMG she looks frumpy. Then again I’m sure there were guys who watched this video for the first time back then and thought she was smokin hot. Oh well. That was fun. Thanks again to Scratchy for a fun time.

    • I was thinking she was trying to be Rosie the Riveter, she just needed a bandana. That was definitely a weird era in 80’s fashion… kind of a cross between Come On Eileen and Cruel Summer….

  5. draliman says:

    Well, I’ve heard worse (which is actually a glowing recommendation from me).

  6. I think I can honestly say I’ve never heard of this song or the group, but those chimes are pretty cool.

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