Heartbreak City

Just stay away from her sister. Oh, and her mother…

Does your future look a bit hazy from the perspective of a Monday morning?  Well, The Nest foresees great fortune for your ears!  This is the day we polish the crytal ball and deal out the tarot cards to divine another great song that got lost among the stars out of that giant fortune teller booth we like to call the Dusty Vinyl Archive!  DJ Scratchy can’t read your palm, but she sure knows how to make sense out of the grooves on a record… while the Sponkies play catch with their Magic 8-ball.  Here’s one prediction you can take to the bank…

A few weeks ago, Melanie featured legendary 60’s diva Dionne Warwick in her Sunday music post, and it reminded me I have a song I really love from much later in her career that’s been sitting in DVA purgatory for many years.  That song is from 1982 and made it to #10 on the US Hot 100 chart, “Heartbreaker.”

You’ll probably never guess who wrote the song after listening to it just once….

Ummmmm…. these guys?

Yes, “Heartbreaker” was written by the Brothers Gibb especially for Dionne to record.  And in what can only be considered amusing irony, the Bee Gees soon began to regret their decision to let Dionne make the song a hit, with Maurice Gibb in particular wishing they had kept it for themselves to revive their post-disco pariah status.  Meanwhile, for Dionne Warwick….. well, she didn’t particularly care for it at all.  As the Wiki article for the song says, she “cried all the way to the bank” after recording it.

Now who would have ever seen that coming?

Eh, Dionne may not like the song, along with oldies radio which has forgotten it even exists…. but we at The Nest love us a little “Heartbreaker.”

And you gotta love the black cat she posed with on the Heartbreaker album!

We don’t know the way to San Jose, but we can tell you where to find another classic lost earworm next Monday….


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8 Responses to Heartbreak City

  1. I like it… it is perfect after a day with a note: it’s over (or f.u.) and it screams for cheap wine and the repeat button :o)

  2. She did a great job with that song by the Bros. Gibb but I can also CLEARLY hear them (in my mind of course) singing it themselves….their kind of song.


  3. Juliette says:

    Wait, what? I immediately thought you were going to feature The Cars. Oh well. But this was fun. Too bad she spend so much time playing around with magic 8 balls and made so many people forget what a fabulous talent she had. And how did the Gibb brothers sit down in those pants without splitting the backs? I know young men who love vintage clothing from that period and pants splitting is always a problem. I guess they just don’t know that one needs to pull up the legs before they sit or bend. But even then…those things are painted on tight. Yeah, I know, it is too early for me and I’m distracted. Thank you for providing this distraction. It was fun.

    • Ha! That was HeartBEAT City! I’m not a big fan of the Cars earlier work, but I love all of their hits off that album! It was my introduction to the Cars and hit right when I first got MTV! I’m glad I wasn’t around for that fashion trend. If my pants are too tight, it’s just because I’m a fat ass and not trying to look cool by showing everyone the outline of my junk…

  4. noelleg44 says:

    Fantastic – you make Monday so nice with that song. I love Dionne Warwick.

  5. She did a lovely job on it though I expect the Brothers Gibb would have also made a great single of it as well. Wishing the Shelf a heart-filled week.

  6. draliman says:

    A very well-known song, but I didn’t know it was Dionne Warwick. Once you mentioned it, I did imagine I could hear some “Bee Gees” in there. They could have sung it a couple of octaves higher than Dionne…

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