Hokey Pokey Squirrel

This dance is stupid!

You put your left leg in, you put your left leg out…

This little dancer’s so twisted up like a pretzel, that he wouldn’t be advised to “shake it all about” from that high off the ground…. let alone turn himself around.

Saturday is for hokey squirrels, and that’s what it’s all about…

Have a great weekend everyone!


About evilsquirrel13

Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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14 Responses to Hokey Pokey Squirrel

  1. Hard to tell what’s happening with his arms and legs…..maybe he had an impossible to reach itch causing a bit of a contortion thing????


  2. That’s an almost coquettish pose for a squirrel!

  3. noelleg44 says:

    Just taught this to my grandson with similar results!

  4. Then you’ve never had an “impossible to reach and it’s driving you slightly insane” itch? Sympathies Squirrel! 😉

  5. I couldn’t agree more, dear squirrel!

  6. I love watching them sleeping in the crooks of tree branches. They look completely relaxed.

  7. draliman says:

    Just trying to get comfortable, not succeeding…

  8. mydangblog says:

    Maybe he’s having a zen moment and doing yoga!

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