Millennial Bug

a box full of junk

Is that….????  Yes it is!  It’s The Nest’s box of photographic junk you used to see here every Wednesday!  I’ve tried a few times to jump start my Random Image Inspiration feature since the last time it appeared here nine months ago, always being thwarted by bad results.  And this time was no different, but I was bound and determined to get some random inspiration even if I had to cheat a little!

Now, let’s see the little used Randomator spit out for us this time….

34, 1, 76, 95

The 34th post in my Reader was this one by Melanie.

The 1st word in that post is “mmmm!”

The 76th word in that post (wrapping around to the beginning) is “today”

Putting “mmmm today” into Google Images brought up exactly 20 results, few of which were images and many of them were just thumbnails.  So for today, to hell with that final number… the entire result is going to be today’s inspirational image!

“Grrrrrrrr!!!!!!” Rylee growled in frustration as she visibly shook like a leaf and finally slammed her smartphone down on the mattress.

“Honey, what seems to be the trouble?” Rylee’s mom asked as she poked her head in her daughter’s bedroom door.  “I haven’t seen you this upset since that boy put a frog in your backpack”

“Mother, this is even worse!!!!!”  Rylee picked up the phone and showed it to her mom.


“Dear, why are you looking up possum anatomy?”

“I have a super huge important research paper on possums for biology class due TOMORROW!!!  And Google is being STUPID again!!!”

“I’m sorry dear, but….”

“Just TWENTY results!!!  And none of them are even any good!”

“Well, you know….”

“This one here is some kinky porn site from New Zealand!  This one just has some dumb recipes for roadkill!”

“Rylee dear….”

“And THIS ONE just has some cartoon possum that keeps getting killed!  I can’t write some stupid paper with just these crappy results!  I’m DOOMED!!!!!”

Rylee’s mom sat on the bed and put her arm around her poor, doomed daughter.  “There there, honey.”

“This is awful Mom!” Rylee says between sobs.  “I remember when Google used to bring back THOUSANDS of results!”

“I know dear, I know.  I got through school on Google as well, back when you could get millions of results for any search.”

“Millions!?!? No way!!!”

“Really.  And we had Wikipedia, which everyone used to plagiarize back in the good old days…. before……”

“The termites?”

“Yes, the virtual termites the Russian hackers created in 2025.  They’ve been chewing up everything on the internet for ten years now.”

Rylee’s mom continued, “Hardly anything left to look at there other than a few under the radar sites that have somehow survived the bugs.  Now if you want to do real research, you have to use a….”

“Mom, don’t start talking about those ‘libraries’ again!  I heard they’re full of nothing but ancient artifacts!”

“Books, dear.”

“How am I supposed write a stupid research paper using BOOKS!?!?!?”

Rylee’s mom was stumped for an answer…….

“Let me call your grandmother….”


About evilsquirrel13

Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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11 Responses to Millennial Bug

  1. Snicker…when all else fails…grandma to the rescue!

  2. You say it’s RYLEE who is doomed? Fie. It’s the entire freakin’ world. Can’t spell (don’t want to, won’t be forced), can’t write (when texting is so handy – minimal pun intended), can’t think a thought without somebody telling them what to think. We’re all doomed. I hope Buster made room in the heavenly archive because there’s a shitload of pissed off over 50s coming up shortly.

    • Buster can’t even get past the gate, so he won’t be taking up a spot. I want a front row seat in the bleachers to watch the youngins (and some of the oldins) deal with no internet!

  3. draliman says:

    Forget the books. She should write her paper based on the NZ kinky possum porn.

  4. that mmmm was a song by such boring guys… forgot the name, but I think we don’t need to ask google… they can stay forgotten LOL

    • Ha! There were TWO songs by TWO boring groups at that same time with MMMM….. Hanson and Crash Test Dummies. As bad as pop is these days, a lot of the stuff in the 90’s sucked too!

  5. I am pretty sure this very scenario is in our immediate future!!! Library? What’s a library????


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