Hell’s Garden

a box full of junk

We like random at The Nest, and there’s not much that’s more random than our randomly occurring Wednesday feature Random Image Inspiration!  From our readers’ posts to Google to the untamed depths of my imagination, all with a little help from our friend The Randomator…

2, 11, 1, 40

The 2nd post in my Reader was this one by Barb

The 11th word in that post is “a”

The 1st word in that post is “flower”

Putting “a flower” into Google Images brought up this as the 40th result…

Stevie the squirrel stealthily snuck into Mrs. Crabface’s lush, blooming backyard garden.  He stood up on his haunches and rubbed his tiny paws together at the bountiful feast of flora that stood within his grasp.  So many delicious buds were there for Stevie’s gnawing pleasure.  A buffet of nice, yummy, unripened tomatoes were dangling from their leafy vines as well.  Stevie definitely wouldn’t have to resort to digging up long-buried acorns out of the ground for lunch today!

Oh, and look at all those flowers with those tempting brightly colored petals!  There was a pretty pinkish colored one Stevie hadn’t seen before that seemed to be calling to him like a siren on the sea!  A bit of petal chewing would certainly make for a great appetizer…

But as soon as Stevie reached for one of those luscious petals, something grabbed a hold of his paw.  Before the poor squirrel knew what had hit him, several dozen long, green tendrils had emerged from the flower’s center and were wrapping around nearly his entire upper body.  Stevie began to chirp and struggle against his bonds, but to no avail.  It all happened within a matter of seconds… and by the time the flower’s tentacles had retreated back into its body, the only evidence of the horror that just occurred was a few stray tufts of fur blowing in the gentle breeze….

“You’re garden is so beautiful, Mrs. Crabface!” Miss Buttinsky exclaimed as she admired her neighbor’s handiwork.  “All your plants look so perfect and undisturbed!”

“As it should be!” Mrs. Crabface responded, tapping her hoe on the ground.

“I’ve tried to keep a garden, but I can’t keep all of the wildlife from ruining it!  You must tell me your secret!”

Mrs. Crabface just shook her head and puckered her lips together, hoping her nosy neighbor would just go back to her own yard.

“Oh, by the way, Mrs. Crabface…. I just LOVE that pink flower you have in the center of the garden!  It looks like a sentry standing guard over all of the other plants!”

“That’s a little present I got from my nephew Seymour….”

“How sweet!  Oh incidentally, have you seen my cat?”



About evilsquirrel13

Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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10 Responses to Hell’s Garden

  1. ghostmmnc says:

    Yay! Glad mine came up for today! Pretty pink flower has sinister secrets! Poor old Stevie! My kind of creepy story! 🙂 Shades of Little Shop of Horrors or the Triffids!

    • It’s funny, because the next word after “a” in your post was chrysanthemum, and I really wanted that to be one of the key words…. but I don’t think a chrysanthemum would have been as neat as that pink flower with all the little arms wriggling out of its center!

  2. Willow Croft says:

    *gasp* Ha! I’d love to have a spooky plant garden like this–I wrote some garden horoscopes this plant-with-agency will love!

  3. draliman says:

    Dammit, “Tails Around the Ranch” commented my comment. Never mind. I’ll just mention, then, that I found the first sentence rather rude and spicy. Does that make me a sicko?

  4. Yep – I thought “Little Shop of Horror” before I saw all the comments – very cool……one of my favorite all time stories and when I began collecting unusual plants a few years ago I wondered if any of my acquisitions that looked a little strange MIGHT be an off-shoot of Audrey !!!


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