A Room With A View

And what a view it is…

Has another dreadful Monday morning left you with lemons?  Well, leave it to The Nest to squeeze the sour out of your week and make some musical lemonade!  This is the day we go bobbing for worm-eaten lost hits out of that giant fruit basket of overripe songs we like to call the Dusty Vinyl Archive!  DJ Scratchy has no issues manning her turntables while eating a banana, while the Sponkies take turns flinging grapes at each other.  If you’re good, you’ll get this earworm with a cherry on top…

For the longest time, the arena of rock and roll was dominated by men…. even if some of them may have looked like ladies.  It wasn’t until The Go Gos came along in the early 80’s that an all female group who wrote their own songs and played their own instruments was able to have enough success to chart singles on the Top 40.  Around the same time that group split up in the mid 80’s, their chick rock successors were just about ready to break out with a flourish…

Let’s show those valley girls how to rock!

The Bangles began a run as the dominant female group of the late 80’s when their Prince-written rendition of “Manic Monday” went to #2 in 1986.  They’d utterly smash the success of that later that year with “Walk Like An Egyptian,” which instantly became an 80’s cult classic and is still the group’s signature song.  The Bangles would crank out a few more big hits before the decade was over, including their awesome cover of Simon & Garfunkel’s “Hazy Shade of Winter,” and the really neat 1989 #1 ballad “Eternal Flame.”

Close your eyes, give me your hand…

Kind of lost in all of those chart topping (or near topping) hits was the first single released from their 1988 album Everything.  It “only” made it to #5….

“In Your Room” was viewed as a relative disappointment by the group’s label for what had been a faltering album until the next single, “Eternal Flame,” rescued its reputation.  But I really like this song, and both the music and video capitalized on the trending late 60’s nostalgia of the time.  And who better to sing about the joys of being in your room than the sultry Susanna Hoffs?

Thank goodness Barry Manilow didn’t write this song…

Be sure to come back for another lost hit next manic Monday…


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14 Responses to A Room With A View

  1. I liked the song and the bangles a lot… is it true that they are still on stage this times?

  2. Juliette says:

    Oh those days of cranking up the radio, with the T top off in my car, driving down the road with my long permed hair blowing in the wind, and singing to the Bangles. Fun stuff.

  3. Roller rink…good times! It’s much harder to skate like an Egyptian, though! Mona

  4. Very bouncy. I never heard of The Bangles before. I sometimes feel like I was born on a different planet.

  5. I remember the Bangles – they had some great songs………..wasn’t familiar with this one but like it!


  6. Loved the Bangles even though this was a hit I wasn’t familiar with. Have a great week!

  7. draliman says:

    You’ll be disappointed to hear that I love the Bangles and know this song well, so no scathing comments from me this time around. Better luck next week!

    • I recall you bringing up your feelings for The Bangles a few times, probably when one of my titles led you on to thinking I was featuring one of their songs. I wasn’t going to let that stop me from playing it, though! I can always whip out the hip hop next week…

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