Plan F

Looks like even my music teacher hates my earworms…

Are you ready to turn Monday into Funday?  Well, The Nest has just the music to make you want to get up and play!  This is the day we dig through the chopped up tires to find another lost hit that got burned going down life’s hot metal slide from that musical carousel of olde tyme fun we like to call the Dusty Vinyl Archive!  DJ Scratchy’s your playground monitor today, so don’t think about trying to ride the swings over the bars.  While the Sponkies have fun on the teeter totter.  Yes, the teeter totter…. this post is totally old school!

In a recent edition of Share Your World, I mentioned that the headliner at the only real concert I ever attended was that lost legend of folk rock, one Mr. Dan Fogelberg.  It turns out Fogelberg was born in Peoria, Illinois, only about 150 miles north of where I live, which may be why I recall him opening the concert by saying it was “good to be back in St. Louis.”

Dan Fogelberg can play in Peoria…

While reminiscing on that concert that at 8 years of age I can barely recall, I was also kind of amazed I’d never featured one of Dan’s many great songs on the DVA yet.  The guy is almost criminally overlooked and forgotten about when it comes to oldies radio today, pretty much making his entire catalogue ripe for Dusty Vinyl picking.  I’m finally going to see that Fogelberg gets his due on The Nest, though picking a song to represent him is going to be hard.  The guy was a soft rock god…

The God of Soft Rock approves as long as I don’t play any Kenny G.

I decided to showcase Fogelberg’s very first Top 40 hit, and barely getting that distinction by peaking at #31 in 1975… but it’s easily one of his most up-tempo and fun songs!

“Part of the Plan” came from Dan Fogelberg’s breakthrough album Souvenirs, which was produced by Joe Walsh, who also played the guitar solo during “Plan’s” instrumental break!  That makes two DVA songs Walsh contributed his mad guitar skills to in the last month!  You may also pick out Graham Nash’s vocals on the harmony during the chorus.  Dan had a lot of star power helping him get his career off the ground!

I wonder if David Crosby contributed some of his “stash” to the recording sessions?

Come back for another lost hit from the leader of the band next Monday!


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16 Responses to Plan F

  1. Another of my oldie favorites. Yep there’s no mistaking Joe Walsh AND Graham Nash in the mix. Nice tune to start my Monday.


  2. When Dan relocated to Colorado, he was an absolute favorite. This is one of many beloved tunes Dan did (I still own the ‘Souvenirs’ album and several other early recordings-good times). Sure miss DF and that glorious voice. Thanks for bringing a musical smile to my face and heart.

  3. Juliette says:

    Good choice. Glad you got to see him in person. I think every record collection of every student at my college had that album.

  4. maybe it was the name what blocked the career… we liked his music a lot …another genius who left this earth before his time…sigh

  5. Kismet says:

    Play in Peoria? That’s where the Seattle Mariners and San Diego Padres so spring training.

  6. I was a fan. I even bought a vinyl (no dust thanks) entitled “Dan Fogelberg’s Best” or something and this song was included on it. It’s now my favorite of all his hits because they overplay his “Leader of the Band” so much on Sirius. I change the channel if I even hear the opening few bars.. I had an amazing dad too dude, so in my perspective meh to yours. 😉 Thanks for reviving a favorite! 😀

    • I can’t remember the last time I heard any Fogelberg song outside of checking them out on YouTube… I guess someone’s playing him all the time, though. Leader of the Band is a huge favorite of mine that I haven’t heard in years…

  7. Oh my gosh! Can’t remember the last time I heard that song! Put a huge smile on my face! Thanks, Evil! Mona

  8. draliman says:

    I was watching Wimbledon highlights on mute on BBC Breakfast while listening to this. It’s such a “background song” it was fully halfway through before I remembered it was playing and switched it off!

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