Share Your World – Week 182

Well, this is going to make the news…

As our planet whizzes through the vastness of the universe, it comes into contact with all kinds of outer space junk that’s floating through our solar system 24/7/365.  Fortunately for us, Earth’s atmosphere takes care of almost all of these asteroids and wannabe meteorites…. but occasionally, the bigger rocks make it through.  The most significant meteor impact in human history occurred over Siberia on June 30, 1908.  Named after the Podkamennaya Tunguska River near the impact zone, what exactly caused the Tunguska event is not conclusively known, but something several hundred feet in diameter exploded over the region causing a massive shockwave that leveled entire forests and shattered what windows there are in the middle of the Russian wastelands.

At least it didn’t ruin the spitting Stalin statue…. since it didn’t exist yet.

Needless to say, had this occurred over a more populated area rather than in the middle of nowhere, the damage would have been comparable to the forthcoming atomic bomb.  Maybe it’s a good thing this happened BEFORE the Cold War….

And now it’s time to get out our umbrellas and brace for the impact of my answers for this week’s Share Your World questions!  Provided, as always, by Melanie…

Lesser known potential apocalypse: Earth getting impaled by an interstellar rainbow.

What’s your favorite way to spend a day off?

Answering Share Your World questions, of course!

Hey, I earned it!

I’ve never really done much of anything on my days off (which is now back to two days a week rather than three).  The highlight anymore would probably be those several times a year when I head down to the park to provide your weekend entertainment in squirrel pics…

Do I look better than the Kiss Ass Award?

Are you into after-work happy hours?

At seven in the morning?  I rarely socialized with my co-workers back in the good old days when we were a pretty tight group, and certainly don’t now that few of those people are left.  Some go out to breakfast after work, and there was one guy who liked his “liquid breakfast” after work…

We’re a steel town with night shifts, the bars are always open here…

What physical traits do you share with your relatives?

Beats me.  Apparently I’m a pretty dead ringer for my Dad, though.  When I began working at Mecca way back in the prehistoric year of 1998, one of the door greeters asked me out of the blue if I was (My Dad’s name)’s son.  It was someone who grew up with my Dad, and she knew who I was just from the resemblance.  After my Dad died five years ago, other people outside the family were looking at younger pictures of him we’d gathered together and agreed we looked a lot alike.  I never saw it, but I can be hopelessly face blind sometimes…

I was never as cool as my Pop, though…

How long does it take you to decide if you like someone or not?

I don’t know, but I do know my first impressions tend to suck.  There’s a lot of people I took an immediate liking to who I wound up loathing later on…. while at least two of the few people I’m reasonably chummy with spent years on my shit list when I first knew them.

Mitzi usually only needs a few nanoseconds to decide she likes someone.

Feel free to share some wisdom you live by.

There’s that word wisdom again!  Let’s see what brain nuggets I have today….


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9 Responses to Share Your World – Week 182

  1. I’m with mitzi, it needs a nanosecond at social medias to see that you are now the friend of someone you definitely dislike LOL

  2. Thanks Bill for Sharing Your World. With humor AND aplomb (and that’s hard to do IMO). I am sorry they put you back to only two days off instead of three – isn’t that reneging on employee rights or something? Only way it seems acceptable to me is if they load on a big wad of cash to make up the difference. But can one really put a price on free time? 🤔😐😑 I didn’t think so. Grand cartoon to wrap up with too! I always get such a kick out of those! 😅 Have the rest of a nutty week, at least you get time off. When you’re retired, the ‘boss’ isn’t half so kind…

    • It’s the same 40 hours, just five days instead of four. It’s the old schedule I worked for 23 years. I liked having three days off a week, but now I get some of that free time put back into my week instead of spending four straight days doing not much but working and sleeping…

  3. Mitzi likes EVERYONE…, woman, vegetable – Mitzi is in LUV. That ‘toon reminds me of something totally stupid I used to do many years ago. I’d set the clock for like 1AM and when the alarm went off I got a big charge out of knowing I still had several hours of sleep ahead before I “really” had to get up to go to work. Weird? Yep – I’ll admit it. Totally.


    • I actually like waking up at least a couple times during the, well, DAY for me, and seeing that I still have a lot more time to sleep. I wouldn’t do it intentionally…. especially with an alarm, which I can’t stand the sound of! But there is definitely joy in knowing there’s plenty of time to sleep…

  4. draliman says:

    I’m not sure “after work happy hours” are even a thing any more. Or maybe I just never get invited…

  5. Sorry for the switch back on the work schedule. There’s something appealing about 4 vs. a 5 day work week, even if the final number of hours are relatively the same.

    There’s a lot to be said for first impressions. Sometimes my gut yells “Danger, Will Robinson!!” but too often I don’t hear it in time. I need to be better about that.

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