Share Your World – Week 183

Ahhh, what a beautiful and peaceful place. Let’s invade it!

One country rather rudely invading another has been going on for as long as maps have been printed with borders.  The United States is no stranger to the whole invading thing, and so it was on July 7, 1941 that the US officially took over control of…… Iceland!?!?  Iceland is about as out of the way as you can get from much the rest of the civilized world, and has kept to itself and remained neutral for centuries.  But it wound up as a victim of circumstance when World War II broke out, as a strategic location for North Atlantic trade and prowling U Boats.  Thus the British “peacefully” invaded Iceland in 1940 before Hitler could get his grubby paws on the Arctic nation.  Needing their troops at home, Britain first got Canada (Yes, Canada!) to take over occupational duties of Iceland for them before eventually calling on its former Colonies to do what we do best on this day 81 years ago.  The US wouldn’t even get officially involved in the war until Pearl Harbor was bombed five months later… but we gladly took control of Iceland for our ol’ chum Winnie!

Come on, this is basic US geography!

After the war in 1946, the US and Iceland hammered out the Keflavik Agreement, which specified that US troops would leave Iceland within six months and return all military facilities to the country.  And US troops promptly left Iceland for good…….. in 2006.  This forgotten chapter in World War II history brought to you by The Nest’s Share Your World Research Team Who Knows How To Use Google And Wikipedia…

And now that you’ve been enlightened with another nugget of ancient wisdom, let’s answer this week’s SYW questions from Melanie!

We plant our flag wherever we choose!

What do you think it means to be healthy?

To be in a blissful state of unawareness that your body is going to soon be slowly crippled by all kinds of nasty stuff that is bound and determined to make that long waiting period before death to be as unpleasant as possible.

Kind of like Buster right before his next hilariously tragic death…

Is being obsessive about someone or something a good thing?

There’s nothing wrong with a person who is obsessed with someone or something.  This question should instead be directed at the target of the obsession…

Dammit! We can’t get away from this squirrel obsessed freak!

After a disagreement with your S.O., do you initiate the makeup conversation or wait for your S.O. to do it?

MARY: You and Rainbow Donkey had another falling out, Sparks?

SPARKLEPONY: Yes!  He tried to change the channel to some silly mud wrestling show while Real Housewives of Tittybong was on, so I kicked him to the outhouse!  I won’t let him back in until he apologizes and buys me a new Cucci purse…

SCRATCHY: You go with your bad self, grrl.

MARY: But what if he’s waiting for YOU to apologize first?

SPARKLEPONY: He’ll come back to me on his knees!  I know my stupid hubby… he can’t live without me!

MITZI: Oh, like, Rainbow Cutie Wutie!  You’re, like, totally a beast!


MITZI: So, like, are you almost totally ready to say sowwy to your wifey?

RD: I’m thinking about it.  But we can still have a few more rounds of fun before I go back to being pussywhipped again.

MITZI: You studly wudly!  You can, like, totally whip Mitzi’s pu……

errrrr, maybe we better cut off this conversation right there.

Have you ever done something incredibly embarrassing in front of a huge crowd?  Feel free to share details or not.  Some things are best left in the closet..

Well, there’s the evening many years ago a mistake I made almost incited a riot at a girls softball game.  If you’re that curious, here’s the story….

Ah, parents…

What’s your sweetest memory from childhood?

We had one of these near my home when I was little.  Kids are fascinated by the silliest things….


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11 Responses to Share Your World – Week 183

  1. Well “oops” on the baseball game scoring boo boo but everything turned out just fine and you even got an ice cream cone. I totally agree with your definition of being healthy though. Totally.


  2. haaa we remember the softball game, but we read the story again it was toooo good… ;O)

  3. Thanks for Sharing Your World Bill! Such artwork! And satire to caption each one! Oh my! I agree fully with number one, but I wish to Dog someone would have said something about that before I became that way. Buster might have the right idea, save for the “I get knocked down and I get up again” schtick. And all those gory deaths. I haven’t read about the Saturday night fight (I don’t think) so I will do so after commenting here. Excellent cartoon strip to wrap it all up with a big bow (and to make folks forget about Mitzi’s censor faux pas. But you never said this was a family blog, so there’s that. I always thought Mitzi was probably kinky.. 🤣 ) Have a great week!

    • I think all our elders warned us when we were much younger that we’d find out what it’s like to get older…. but we just didn’t listen to them because we were never going to get old and decrepit. I never really felt young and spry, but I sure did feel a hell of a lot better than I do now back in the day….

  4. Sounds like the US is master of the strategic ‘quick exit.’ Especially if you think of Viet Nam, and Afghanistan. Now I can add Iceland to the mix. 🤦🏼‍♀️

  5. draliman says:

    I never knew that about Iceland. I like the idea of Britain rolling in, realising that occupying a distant country is really rather boring and foisting the job off on someone else…

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