Share Your World – Week 184

Kids these days…

There’s isn’t a more widely dramatized and incorrectly stereotyped era in American history than the Wild Wild West of the late 19th Century, and one of that Hollywood pantheon’s most romanticized figures met his end on July 14, 1881.  It was on that evening that the notorious outlaw Billy the Kid was gunned down by Lincoln County, New Mexico sheriff Pat Garrett.  Billy wasn’t even a Billy, but was born with the name Henry McCarty… and committed his trail of violence and murder all by the age of 21, which was how old he was on that fateful night.  Making the story even better, despite being one of the Old West’s most infamous wanted outlaws, New Mexico governor Lew Wallace refused to pay Garrett the $500 reward he’s promised for The Kid dead or alive.

As for this Billy, well, I’m certainly no longer a kid…. especially after turning another year older yesterday.

Yeah, I wish…

So let’s put my 47 years of collective wisdom to good use and answer Melanie’s Share Your World questions for this week!

In honor of the late Henry McCarty.

How did you spend the money from your very first job?

I was one of those lazy ass, antisocial kids who sat around doing nothing until it became obvious my schooling was going nowhere and I needed to get a fucking job…. the same job I still have 24 years later.  My first paycheck was a measly $107.73, though that only covered two nights and orientation since I was hired near the end of a pay period.  For accuracy, I checked the written journal I was still keeping at the time, and the day after my first check I………. made a payment on my student loan.


Well, let’s not dwell on the very first paycheck.  I did go to some baseball games that year.  Let’s say that…

Would You Rather Look Like A Potato, Or Feel Like A Potato?

It depends on if I can be a glowing potato….

I’d LOOK really cool, but I’d FEEL awful thirsty….

What were the best pair of shoes you have owned?

I buy cheap ass shoes.  Like, literally, that’s all I’ve ever bought.  The kind that might last a few months before I gotta start over again.  I’m sure there was a pair in there somewhere I got an extra few weeks out of…

I think I’ve got a few more miles in this pair…

Besides war and diplomacy, what would be the best way for countries to settle disputes?

I kinda like the Frankie Goes To Hollywood approach…..

Let’s see how big of balls our world leaders have if they had to compete in a grudge match!

In these often depressing times, how do you find the bright spots?

Turning off the telly would help.  If you’re gonna watch the news, watch the REAL NEWS


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Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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13 Responses to Share Your World – Week 184

  1. great answers… and frankie is right with his song!!!

  2. Well done responses for sure……….especially the shoe question. I am still – to this day – in disbelief that people spend HUNDREDS of dollars on a pair of shoes. I don’t care if they have wings attached and you can fly – it’s nuts period. Oh and I too think Frankie is right on target!


  3. Kismet says:

    Politicians never deliver on what they promised.

  4. Thank you Bill for Sharing Your World and a belly laugh. “Huge Manatee??!”😅😂🤣😆 Oh the ….insert big whale looking thingie (aka sea cow) which might possibly be extinct now.. of it all! *snicker* Those shoes look like they are all purpose at least. Repurposed too apparently. If you got $107 and change on your first paycheck (for two days ‘work’ yet) you are the wealthiest exploited underage worker I’ve read about this week. I worked for $2/hr and might take home $50 if the guy was feeling generous. Child labor laws are not for everyone..

    Happy Belated Birthday by the way 🎂🎈🥳 I hope you spent it doing something you didn’t have to work did you? Talk about a violation of the entitlement to spend that one special day doing anything you effin’ like, if so. Forty-seven? That’s barely approaching middle age these days.

    Have a great week!

    • I’d hardly consider 22 to be underage! Starting pay on nights back then was $5.90 an hour, 80 cents above minimum. I worked a lot of OT back then and thought I was really raking it in…. ha!

  5. noelleg44 says:

    Happy Belated Birthday!

  6. draliman says:

    Refusing to pay someone who’s managed to take down a vicious killer doesn’t sound very wise to me…
    Very sensible use of your first ever paycheque. Make a dent.
    Happy birthday and whatnot.

  7. Interesting tidbits about the Billy criminal. And the fact the guv reneged on his promise just underscores politicos penchant for chicanery.

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