Tee Time

How funny that this image fits the title and the theme of this post…

Monday, Monday…. can’t trust that day?  Well, let The Nest provide the muzak you need to be singing the praises of Monday morning like Lindsey.  This is the day we dig through Garfield’s nasty pan of lasagna for another lost hit that’s as forgotten as Tuesday from that perpetual calendar of daily music we like to call the Dusty Vinyl Archive!  DJ Scratchy may have a hangover from the weekend, but she’s still not afraid to rock it out like a trooper… while the Sponkies don’t even know what day it is since it’s summer vacation.  We’ll have you over the moon this Monday…

Six years ago I did a mini-feature for the Dusty Vinyl Archive profiling some of the lost songs from a country that doesn’t immediately spring to mind when you think of pop music… The Netherlands.  At the time, I was led to believe that Dutch artists had only managed to put six songs on the US Top 40 charts… starting of with Shocking Blue’s “Venus” in 1968…

Not this version, though it’s better…

Golden Earring wound up being the only Dutch band to score a US hit twice, with “Radar Love” in 1974 and “Twilight Zone” in 1983.  That left three obscure, but oddball one hit wonders that spanned three decades and three different styles of music, and were the three songs I highlighted on the DVA in May of 2016.  The eclectic yodeling of “Hocus Pocus” by Focus.  The old school west coast road trip of “Sausalito Summernight” by Diesel.  And the hip hop meets rock band mix of Urban Dance Squad’s “Deeper Shade of Soul.”

However, I was reminded in the very next DVA post by someone who knows a LOT more about music than me, that there is another Dutch OHW that I missed….

Nice hair, Dutch boys…

Shortly after Shocking Blue’s shocking success, Jerry Ross, the same American record producer who discovered them, happened to hear a Dutch band singing in a German club by the name of Tee-Set.  The song he heard was the same one he had the band record and release in the US in 1969…

“Ma Belle Amie” with its occasional French lyrics and quirky instrumentation became a #5 hit… giving the Dutch a forgotten one hit wonder in four different decades!  While I’d probably rank it seventh out of seven on a countdown of all-time US hits from Dutch artists, it’s certainly no slouch.  I’d rather listen to this than Tiny Tim tiptoeing through the tulips…

The Nest’s crappy tulips, in better days…

And now that that long overdue bit of business was taken care of, I’ll take my finger out of the dike for another forgotten song next Monday…


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12 Responses to Tee Time

  1. mydangblog says:

    Talk about an eclectic music scene!

    • I knew every one of these acts before I knew they were Dutch, and was shocked in each case to find out where they were from. The Netherlands is definitely the mix tape of the music world!

  2. Huh…go figure. Had no idea that group was Dutch. Tja, wat weet je?

  3. Well that’s one Monday morning song that I won’t be dancing around the house to. Not exactly electrifying is it. LOL


  4. the dutch peeps are often good for a surprise… like the smurfs and vadder abraham ;O)

  5. ghostmmnc says:

    Alright! I love this song! I’ve posted it a couple of times and never get tired of hearing it. 🙂

  6. draliman says:

    It was starting to get a bit annoying by the end, but I did quite like the electric organ!

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