Manic At The Disco

Love is blind. But it sure can dance…

Having a hangover from a weekend full of Saturday night fever?  Well, The Nest has just the earworm you need on this Monday to get those boogie shoes moving again!  This is the day we dig under all of the moldy boxes full of leisure suits to bring another lost hit back into the disco ball light from that box full of records that didn’t get blown up in centerfield that we like to call the Dusty Vinyl Archive!  DJ Scratchy’s ready to get the dance floor of this discotheque hopping again for the first time in forty years, while the Sponkies just laugh at how stupid everyone looked back then.  Disco may be dead, but the DVA is alive and well….

America has a lot of classic disco songs that, once people learned to live with having the occasional Bee Gees song on the radio again around the turn of the millennium, have become a part of our treasured musical heritage.  But just in case you didn’t think we had enough old school disco playing in our elevators in the 2020’s, here’s another one you probably haven’t heard of before if you’ve only lived in the Western Hemisphere…

WARNING: This video contains EXTREME DISCO FASHION.  Viewer discretion is advised!

Yeah, Donna Summer, Alicia Bridges and Amii Stewart weren’t the only disco divas out there keeping the lighted dance floor busy.  A lass from Scotland who went by the stage name of Kelly Marie took a Mungo Jerry song nobody had ever heard of before and turned it into a bonafide disco anthem!  This song his #1 in the UK in 1980, and got some Top 10 love in a few other Western European countries as well.  But here in America……. well, it could only be found on the dance charts.

It feels like…. it feel like I’m gonna throw up.

The video is worth watching for the almost frightening looking makeup Kelly is wearing along with her Frankensteinian dance moves. It’s amazing to think that around 1980, this was apparently the look of a hot disco chick…

Ack! Gene Simmons looks sexier in makeup than this…

So where on earth did this 42 year old European disco hit somehow cross paths with my tasteless ears?  At Mecca, of course!  And this is the perfect opportunity to segue into my plans to revive Mecca Muzak Mondays for the month of August!  Yes, for the next five Mondays, rather than dusty old songs I think need a day in the sun, you’ll get more modern underground tunes that have delighted my ears on endless repeat at work!

And just in time to kick off the holiday shopping season!

I’ll see you next Monday!


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Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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17 Responses to Manic At The Disco

  1. I love this song… and I loved her boots… the make up was challenging… I think I still have some glitter somewhere… that stuff is forever and ever….

    • Forever and ever indeed. The kids come in the store and open up the glitter bottles and throw it all over the place. I think those same kids also did Ms. Marie’s makeup…

  2. Umm, not sure about this ginger hued disco chick. Give me Donna Summers any day. It seems like Miss Kelli graduated from the same dance school as Stevie Nicks.

  3. ghostmmnc says:

    I don’t remember ever hearing this one, but for some reason I like it! I like those gold guys dancing around, too. haha 🙂

  4. Juliette says:

    Wow, that was weird. I’ve heard the song but never seen the video. I need eye drops now. You got it right with “The video is worth watching for the almost frightening looking makeup Kelly is wearing along with her Frankensteinian dance moves.” But nooooo that is NOT the look of a hot disco chick. She looks like she had an overdose of Botox before botox wasn’t in anything except poisoned food. No expression at all. How did she do that? But I’m digging those guys in the gold jumpsuits. You go guys! That was fun. Thanks again for pulling something unexpected out those dusty archives.

  5. Willow Croft says:

    I dreamed I rescued an injured squirrel baby, and when I arrived at the college where I was (improbably) getting a degree in banking and finance, I decided that my diva baby squirrel needed better than communal dorm space lined with rows and rows of prison-industrial looking bunk beds (“Tsk, this will NEVER do.”), so I demanded a single-person room, which was entirely lined in green-and-red plaid on the inside. I remember saying to the college staff, just before I woke up, “Now the squirrel can be kept in the style to which it’s accustomed.” Thanks for all the wacky squirrel inspiration from your blog!

  6. draliman says:

    Disco isn’t disco without the occasional electric drum “boop boop”.
    Where can I get me one of those cool gold jumpsuits?

  7. Two words come to mind…….”train wreck”. The best part of that flashback were the guys in gold suits – at least they MOVED. She kind of stood there like a mannequin not sure of where to move (if at all). Anyway, I’d not heard that song before – I assume it was a “one off” for her? I hope?


    • She made the backup dancers do all the work while she just stood there and looked pretty, while doing a terrible job of that. I didn’t read too far into her history to know if she had any other “hits,” but if she did, I’ll bet she had to hire new dancers to steal the spotlight from…

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