The Wrong Song

Straight outta…….. Oslo!?!?

The Nest has dedicated this month to the songs that helped stock a thousand shelves.  It’s time for another retail earworm courtesy of DJ Scratchy’s Mecca Muzak Monday!

There are three periods in my life when the music on the radio was so good that it actually makes me nostalgic for the feel of that era.  One was obviously the mid-80’s.  From 1983-87 in particular.  I was a kid listening to Top 40 radio and watching a lot of MTV, and it’s no coincidence that so many of my DVA selections have hailed from those years.

Another was 1998-99.  Between starting work at Mecca and a unique-for-its-time radio station called Mix 93.7, I came to tolerate and eventually outright LOVE so much of the music that was released in those final years of the millennium.

Then there was 2012-14, or as I like to call it, current music’s last stand.  Almost everything new on the radio at the time was gold, and better yet, much of it was worked into the Mecca CD’s that were playing at the time (Which led to me starting Mecca Muzak Monday on this blog in 2014).  And that’s where today’s selection comes in….

Nico and Vinz are a duo from Norway who originally recorded under the name “Envy,” but changed it to their nicknames when this single took the world by storm in 2013.  By the following year, it was all over US radio and made it up to #4 on the pop chart… making Nico and Vinz the first Norwegian artist to have a US hit that high since A-ha in 1985.

I liked “Am I Wrong” a lot when it was a staple of 106.5 The Arch in 2014 and simultaneously on the Mecca Summer ’14 CD.  Then, like new songs tend to do, it suddenly vanished and has only recently begun to get some occasional play on Mecca Radio.  After almost 7 years of not hearing it, I love it even more now.

Norway!!!!!  I’d have never guessed until I did my research for this post….

We’ll say “Hi!” to Neneh Cherry for you when we visit Sweden!

If you think this music is wrong wrong, then I’ll try to be right right next week with another Mecca earworm…


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12 Responses to The Wrong Song

  1. ooooh we love that song…. and we are not wrong…. best cruisin song ever…. although cruisin and riding into the sunset is impossible in europe now with the green madness….

  2. noelleg44 says:

    Never heard this before but I LIKE this!

  3. Love it……not at all familiar with it prior to this minute BUT I do love it – never would guess Norway but it’s pretty close to perfect in every way. YES!!


  4. Juliette says:

    That was fun. I’ve heard the song but knew nothing about the background of the singers. I just figured they were two guys from LA or something like that. I always learn something here on Mondays. Thanks.

  5. Absolutely LOVE that cut and hear it on my Pandora station in the car when I pull in for road trips. Nice Monday selection.

  6. ghostmmnc says:

    I’ve never heard of this song or the artists. Pretty cool song. 🙂

  7. draliman says:

    I guess the music part of this is almost not wrong.
    I was more taken by your “tracking cookies” thing on the sidebar. I expect you’re going to tell me it’s been there for decades, but I only just saw it…

    • I think it’s been there about a year now. It was one of the things I added to my sidebar before WordPress monkeyed around with the widgets last year which kept me from adding a Contest of Whatever reminder this year or my traditional “Just Say NO To WordPress Snow” banner…

  8. ES,
    Never heard this before and I’m so glad you’ve put it up here! This would be great to listen to as I’m walking! Need to come up with a really good playlist for walking. Hmm…Mona

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