Just Here For The Muzak

Shut up! I can’t hear the muzak!

The Nest gave the Sponkies off this August so they could prepare to go back to school, while letting DJ Scratchy host her classic feature on this blog, Mecca Muzak Monday!  So far this month, MMM redux has produced two 21st Century songs that have been universally loved by everyone who commented (Well……. almost everyone).  This week, I’m really going to put that reputation to the test with a song that contains a lot of elements to it that most mature listeners don’t particularly like about modern music…. right down the artist singing it.

About four years ago, a song that was frequently playing over the speakers at work caught my ear for its nifty production work.  Electronica club deejay music doesn’t always do it for me….. but this song did.  And it sounded even better when I brought it up on the home computer so much of the sound wasn’t being absorbed by the ceiling tiles….

I was quite stunned to discover that the song’s artist was none other than Paula Abdul.  Abdul went from Laker Girl to dance choreographer to pop superstar during the last half of the 1980’s.  Like most other popular artists of her era, Abdul’s career nosedived into oblivion during the grunge obsessed 90’s.  But she caught a second big break when she was cast as one of the three judges who oversaw American Idol during its glory years of the 00’s.

That’s Mitzi playing the Paula role there.

Abdul recorded this song late in her decade long tenure on the show, and debuted it to the world on the May 6, 2009 (My 11th “Meccaversary”) episode of Idol.  Music purists HATE Autotune, but I like Abdul’s use of it here as much as I do Cher’s autotuned rendition of her song “Believe.”  “I’m Just Here For The Music” has a funky electronic vibe that I just adore…

A few more random facts about this song I discovered…. one of its songwriters is none other than Danielle Brisebois, best known as the girl adopted by the Bunkers on All in the Family after Gloria and the Meathead left the show.

Here’s some advice, little girl. Don’t marry a Meathead!

Also, “Music” samples the 1982 song “Last Night A DJ Saved My Life” by a group called InDeep.  What’s funny is that song’s been in the Mecca Radio rotation for the past year or so, and I’d never heard of it before that!  Which probably means it’s another one of those Brit hits that was never big in the US….

DING! DING! DING!  Correct again!!!

We don’t mind if you’re only here for the music.  But please come again next Monday for more Mecca ear candy….


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12 Responses to Just Here For The Muzak

  1. we love cher and we love paula… it’s a good song and you can play it in your mind juke box while you sit in a boring meeting …

  2. Well I haven’t heard that before but how can anyone not like it when it’s a perfect “get up and dance” kind of tune. And by the way – I’m not here for the music either but I do like the Mecca Music Monday feature as I hear lots of stuff I wouldn’t otherwise hear. Yep.


    • That was my goal when I started this. Most of the Mecca songs are songs I’d have never heard before if I didn’t work there… and I’d feel like I was missing out had they not been added to my playlist.

  3. Love it! Nice funny beat and a great way to start out any Monday.

  4. Kismet says:

    Abdull and Mecca? Where’s the mosque?

  5. draliman says:

    Thanks for the link to my site! I think.
    I had quite an adventure finding this one. The video is “unavailable”, I copied the link into YouTube directly and it was still unavailable but gave me the full title. I tried Alexa, who had never heard of it. I then Googled it and found another video of it on YouTube. And I have to say, it definitely wasn’t worth the effort!

  6. Evil,

    Janet and Paula rule! Fun song! I like to listen to music when I’m cooking. Now I want to go and cook and dance and cook some more. Then the eating frenzy begins! (Wow, don’t know where all that came from…) Hugs, Mona

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