Friends With Baggage

They’ve played The Nest before…

This August, The Nest has given DJ Scratchy her old job back of spinning her favorite tunes that have been piped into Meccas across the country.  We’re four weeks into our five week relaunch of Mecca Muzak Mondays.  So far, I’ve featured three songs that have somewhat recently been on the job earworms for me.  But for this penultimate MMM revival post, I’m going to play a song that was all over the overnight playlist about seventeen years ago!  A song I’ll bet a lot of people are unfamiliar with, and I certainly wouldn’t have had the chance to fall in love with it had it not played loud and proud (Really, the volume of this song was always higher than the other songs) in the mid-2000’s…

The band Fountains of Wayne has appeared twice before on my blog.  Their excellent song “Someone To Love” was featured in the original run of Mecca Muzak Monday way back in November 2014, while they’re not-so-excellent song (and only true chart hit) “Stacy’s Mom” made my Iconic Songs I Can’t Stand countdown three years later.

Stacy’s Mom’s a slut.

But before I knew of the existence of either of those two songs, this three minute, high energy rocker was making the Summer of 2005 a fun time at Mecca….

Oh, I absolute LOVE “Maureen!”  It not only was my official introduction to the quirky quartet Fountains of Wayne, but it’s still easily my favorite song of theirs!  “Maureen” first saw the light of day when the band chucked it into an album of unreleased material the band had done over their career, Out Of State Plates from 2005.  I don’t know if the group didn’t think much of the song or it just somehow got lost in the shuffle to end up debuting on a compilation album of band curiosities… but I’m sure glad Mecca found it!

I was looking for a Mecca badge with “Maureen,” but couldn’t pass up this patch with an armadillo on it!

So what will I do for the finale of this Mecca Muzak Monday miniseries?  Heck, I’m not even sure what I’ll feature yet!  Tune in next Monday to find out what I pick…

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Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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10 Responses to Friends With Baggage

  1. mighty fine car driving muzak… but to listen while it a traffic jam could end badly hahahahahaha

  2. I agree with Katty – great driving music – both songs! I remember Stacy’s Mom but not Maureen though.


  3. We agree with the Weims, this is perfect song to jam to on the road. You think Mecca used this song to inspire any slacker shelf stockers (of which you’re probably not one of them). Happy Monday to you and ‘Maureen.’

    • I doubt they even know or understand the music they pick to be played. “Big Yellow Taxi” got played a lot back then, which is a pretty ironic song for a big corporation like Mecca…

  4. Trisha says:

    That’s a fun song! It kinda sounds familiar but maybe it just reminds me of that era in general. Ahhhh, I miss the 00s when I was only 30-something and not 50-something and I was blissfully unaware about how fucked up things were.

    • I hate that songs from a year like 2005 are even old enough to bring back memories of youth like that! When one of the godawful Millennial Mecca DJ’s talks about playing a song from “back in the day,” and it’s something from 2014, I just want to throw something at the speaker…

  5. draliman says:

    Their whole sound and especially the singer reminds of some other band but I can’t think who. Maybe there were a lot around at that time who had a similar sound.

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