Stranger Tings

Most peculiar, mama…

There’s one more Monday in an August jam packed full of everyone’s favorite day of the week!  Your favorite day, of course, because it means The Nest is providing the soundtrack to start off your week, and we’ve been kicking it old school this month with Mecca Muzak Monday!  For the final installment of this MMM revival, I’m offering a two for one earworm deal that you won’t find on any other blog!  And we’ll be featuring the two best known hits (at least, in the US) of a band who was not so much a part of Mecca Radio, but back in 2008, were definitely all over Mecca TV….

Fourteen years ago, a British duo with the wacky name of The Ting Tings rose to prominence with the release of their debut album, We Started Nothing.   The first two singles off that album hit #1 and #6 respectively in the UK, so their label tried to make The Tings big in America as well.  Who better than The World’s Largest Retailer® to get that job done?

Finding this on the internet gave me such nostalgic happies. Yeah, I’m a dork.

And so, The Ting Tings were one of the up and coming acts featured on Wal…. er, Mecca Soundcheck Risers in 2008, playing repeatedly over and over again on the wall of TV’s in the Electronics department.  With Mecca Radio on silence that year, and having to stock in that area a lot at the time, I heard clips of these two songs a lot….. and you know what, I liked them then and practically LOVE them now.

“That’s Not My Name,” which was also featured in an iPod commercial, did manage to claw its way up to #39 on the pop charts.  “Shut Up And Let Me Go”…….. didn’t.  And unlike another Soundcheck Riser featured at the time (Some chick named Lady Gaga), The Ting Tings quickly came and were forgotten about….

Much like the Dawn Power Dish Brush from the same era…

It’s a shame the quirky music of the duo didn’t catch on over here, but at least now thanks to Mecca Muzak Monday, The Ting Tings will never be completely forgotten about….

You may have forgotten the name of our usual Monday Muzak feature, but it’ll finally be returning next week!  Join us then as we pick up the ongoing adventures of the Dusty Vinyl Archive….


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16 Responses to Stranger Tings

  1. never heard.. but they are good! I first thought this is courtney love…lol

  2. Hmm, not sure this would entice me to linger longer in the isles of Wal…er…Mecca. Now, Gaga…that’s another story.

  3. Willow Croft says:

    Ha, I would definitely be dancing-while-stocking…

  4. Never heard either of those – I think our Wal….er…Mecca plays mostly what I call “elevator music”. Blah. The Ting Tings would have me dancing in the aisles.


    • All Meccas are supposed to be getting the same muzak. They even have several radio shows that play throughout the day now, and the music selection for them is now suprisingly good! If you can tolerate the young, peppy, filled-with-Prozac deejays talking….

  5. draliman says:

    Ha, I’d forgotten all about this pair! I know both songs and enjoyed them from a nostalgic point of view. You accidentally finished your MMM with not one but two songs I’m reasonably happy with!

    • I was pretty sure you’d know this group, but I couldn’t predict where they would fall on your scale of inoffensiveness. Well, I’m glad you liked something I played this month, or I would have considered this a complete waste of time!

  6. ghostmmnc says:

    Second time I’ve heard That’s Not My Name in two different places and I like that song quite a lot. I like the 2nd video/song too. 🙂

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