Fibbin’ Monday

Beware of killer noses…

Has another week failed to live up to its promise?  Well, fear not, because it’s Friday!  And that means…… OK, that isn’t true.  It’s really just Monday.  But that’s OK, because that means it’s time to root out another little white lie from our past out of that giant bottle full of truth serum we like to call the Dusty Vinyl Archive!  DJ Scratchy can not tell a lie, nor will she will not be playing “Black Horse and a Cherry Tree.”  While the Sponkies do a little sitting in time out for not being honest about why they came in past curfew.  This week’s earworm is awesome, scout’s honor!

There may be laws about truth in advertising, but those don’t apply to the names of music bands.  The group Asia contains absolutely no Asians in their lineup.  Twisted Sister is just a band full of dudes who like to wear makeup.  There isn’t a feline to be found in the Stray Cats.  And you can count the number of members in the group 10,000 Maniacs on one hand…

And this is NOT Barenaked Ladies.

Perhaps one of the most misleading band names of all time belongs to the British group who got some time in the sun during the mid 80, Thompson Twins.  First of all, none of them has Thompson for their first or last name.  Second of all, none of them were twins.  And third, there are three members of the group…. at least during their well-known heyday.

And they sure got a lot of bang for the buck in the demographically diverse department.

In the US, they will always be best remembered for their 1984 hit “Hold Me Now,” which reached #3 and paved the way for several follow-up hits over the next couple years.  But before they let loving start, they first cracked the Hot 100 with a quirky little number with an even quirkier music video.  From early 1983, here’s the fake twins’ ode to untruthfulness…

“Lies” still has that electronic new wave sound that the band was known for prior to moving into the mainstream with “Hold Me Now.”  And that’s what makes it sound so good to me… especially that electronic bassline.

Uh oh, it’s time for the rectal thermometer. I better get out of here!

I’ll have another lost hit for you next Monday….. and that’s the truth! (pbbtttbt!!!!)


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11 Responses to Fibbin’ Monday

  1. What a bizzarro video! I vaguely remember this tune but of course I do well remember the “Hold Me Now” single. Always like these so-called Twins. Yeah…good baseline.

  2. draliman says:

    I know the band but don’t remember this song. Not too bad, though – that fairly standard 80s British band sound.

  3. Trisha says:

    I haven’t thought of the Thompson Twins in years, maybe decades! 80s videos were so weird.

  4. Juliette says:

    What fun. I’ve never seen the video. Ahhh those 80’s videos were just too much fun and way to random for anyone today to appreciate them. I heard that song on the radio yesterday. Wheeee. I’m looking forward to another obscure hit from the past next week.

  5. I remember them but not that song…..too bad their “outfitters” ran out of material to give them proper clothing though. Hilarious video – I watched it a couple of times to start my day off with a giggle.


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