Share Your World – Week 198

A masterpiece of architecture, or a unit of virtual measurement? You decide.

It was on October 20, 1973 that one of the most iconic buildings south of the Equator opened its doors, the Sydney Opera House.  Designed by Danish architect Jorn Utzon, construction on this Australian modern marvel began in March 1959, taking fourteen years to complete.  More than just a place to enjoy classical music and (non-Shelf Critter) theatre, the Sydney Opera House was also once used by our very own WordPress as an actual analogy to visualize how many views your blog got in the previous year in those whimsical annual reports they made for us that were discontinued after 2015.  At our peak, The Nest was able to fill up fourteen Sydney Opera Houses for people (mostly spammers) to watch and listen to our utter dreck.

That’s a lot of rotten fruit being thrown on that beautiful stage.

And now before the fat lady comes out and clubs us with her spear, it’s time for us to answer this week’s Share Your World questions!  Melanie has been having computer issues this week, so Di from Pensitivity is once again filling in….

Let’s see the fat lady shatter the earth with a high note…

When you go food shopping, do you go with a list or amble down the aisles putting things in your basket or cart that you fancy or think you need?

I don’t use lists, just like I occasionally make outlines for posts and never glance at it once while actually writing it.  But a lot of other shoppers do, and occasionally abandon those lists on a random counter once they’re done.  When I find particularly humorous ones (with lots of weird or poorly spelled items), I usually bring it home with me to add to my collection of random human stupidity…

One of those REAL lists from REAL shoppers I found…

When the temperatures drop for the colder months, is there a specific date you put the heating on or do you flick the switch when you start to feel cold?

The switch gets flicked whenever needed.  It’s not uncommon in May or September to need to flick back and forth between the AC and furnace…

Snow on Labor Day again!?!?

Keeping with the cold theme, do you prefer a hot water bottle or an electric blanket at night?

I’ve always winced when I see people sleeping with hot water bottles in old movies or TV shows.  What if that thing breaks open?  Ick!  Electric blankets are even more effective than smoking in bed when it comes to the wish of dying in one’s sleep.  I sleep in a drafty room on the northwest side of my house, and just one blanket does just fine even during a cold snap…

This blanket is ours. Go outside and sleep with your squirrels…

How do you feel about log burners? Do you think they are messy or cozy?

Sounds like a good way to burn the house down…

Remember kids: Just put on an extra sweater this winter.

When was the last time you laughed out loud?

Probably while reading some of my old comics….


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Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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15 Responses to Share Your World – Week 198

  1. Thanks for joining in. Love the cats blanket!

  2. no list here either… or lets say there is one but at home while I am in the store :O)

  3. WHOA…had no idea the Sydney Opera House has been around that long. My times flies. I used to write shopping lists and then most often leave them stuck to the fridge. Now I ‘write’ a list on my phone and find I do a better job of shopping (*and when I just purchase things on the list, don’t overspend…well usually. 😉

  4. When I did the shopping, I didn’t need a list because I knew what we had, what we needed — AND how much space I had to put it. Now? Other people do the shopping and they need lists. Which they usually forget but I like to believe that the process of writing the list embeds some of the information in their brains.

    I never did like electric blankets. I could always feel the wires like I was wearing a heated cage in my sleep.

    • I don’t think I’ve ever slept in an electric blanket before, but I don’t even like heating pads because they make one spot on your body red hot while the rest of you is cold anyway. There’s no in between…

  5. ghostmmnc says:

    That’s funny about the lists people leave lying around and you pick them up. I do that all the time, too. Some are really hilarious to read what’s on there. 🙂

  6. Ally Bean says:

    I use a paper list when I go grocery shopping, but am not obsessed with following it precisely. It’s more like guidelines than rules.

  7. mydangblog says:

    Ken and I have an ongoing battle over the thermostat. I think I should turn the heat on whenever I’m freezing and he keeps saying “But it’s only October.” I better put hot water bottle on my grocery list!

    • Even as far “south” as I am, the heat is always on at least occasionally by mid October. We just spent a few days last week with lows in the 20’s (F, of course!) and now highs in the 80’s again! But I think the AC is done for the year….

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