Share Your World – Week 201

Man the lifeboats!

I am very excited to bring in a very special guest to present This Day in History this week!  To tell you what happened on November 10, 1975, here’s legendary singer-songwriter Gordon Lightfoot!

Yes, Gordon took a little artistic license with his #2 hit, but the song tells an otherwise reasonably accurate tale of what happened to the Edmund Fitzgerald on that fateful day.  One interesting tidbit not covered in the musical account is that the Fitzgerald was accompanied by another freighter on its ill-fated voyage, the Arthur M. Anderson… which should not be confused with the former accounting firm of Arthur Anderson, which went down with an even bigger ship in 2002

Yeah, we won’t be needing this anymore…

And now that the bell has chimed twenty-nine times, it’s time to answer this week’s Share Your World questions, provided once again by Di!

I’ve gotten a lot of topical mileage out of my plumbing catastrophe edit to this SYW logo…

This week, the focus seems to be on friends, which certainly doesn’t apply to a misanthropic hermit like me.  So just to show I haven’t completely forgotten about everyone’s favo(u)rite acting troupe, let’s turn this week’s SYW over to the one and only stars of Shelf Critter Theatre!

Do you consider friends an extension of your family?

SPARKLEPONY: Our family always accepts each other’s friends as one of our own.  My beloved offspring’s friends are always welcome in our stable…. so long as they wash behind their ears!  And I’m just as accepting of my wonderful husband’s good friends!

RAINBOW DONKEY: That’s nice to know, dear….


MITZI: Like, BFF with B!  We should totally be getting REALLY friendly with each other right now!

SPARKLEPONY: Someone’s going to be sleeping in the basement without access to friends until further notice!

RD: But dear, you said you were accepting of….

MITZI: Oooooooh!  Like, Mitzi would totally wuv a threesome between friends and family!

BOTH SPONKIES: Mommy, we need an adult!

SPARKLEPONY: OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Would you confide in a friend more than you would a family member?

SCRATCHY: Hey Twi.  I need the advice of a friend.  Do these fishnets I bought for the rave tonight make me look fat?

TWILIGHT: Of course not, silly!  You look awesome in them!

SCRATCHY: Hey Tina!  I need the advice of family.  Do these fishnets I bought for the rave tonight make me look fat?

TINA: OMG, Aunt Scratchy!  It’s like Shamu totally got caught up in a tuna net again!  I gotta get a selfie of this to post on Instacrap! #BeachedWhale

How long have you known your best friend?

CHIP: Well, I guess I’ve been pals with Fuzzy now for about ten years.

FUZZYWIG: No way, dude!  We go back farther than that.  Like, remember when we met at Woodstock?

CHIP: Fuzzy, you weren’t even born when Woodstock happened!

FUZZYWIG: I wasn’t?  Ummmmmm….. oh yeah, it was during the Summer of Love!

CHIP: That was two years BEFORE Woodstock!

FUZZYWIG: Dude, math wasn’t my best subject, OK.  I just sat in the back of the class carving cannabis leaves in the desk with my claws.  Did we meet at Timothy Leary’s pad….?  Nah, maybe we have only been friends for ten years…

CHIP: Forget it, I don’t even know who this critter is!

Do you believe distance has a negative effect on friendships?

RAINY: Yes, I absolutely believe that distance has a negative affect on friendships!  Because…

SNUGGLE: Hey there, cutie!  I see you’re still holding on to that five inches.  Wanna see something twice as long as that?

SNUGGLE: (Gagging) Dafuq, bitch!?!?

RAINY: The closer critters are to me, the less likely we are to be FRIENDS!!!!!

Gratitude Retro Comic About Friends!


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20 Responses to Share Your World – Week 201

  1. the stocking thing is so so so much real life…. hahahaha

  2. Ah yes I remember the Song of The Edmund Fitzgerald well. One of the songs my dad liked and told a song. He thought songs should tells a story not just make noise. I love Gordon Lightfoot, he knows how to sing a song well.

  3. Fun answers, love the fishnets. How true!!! Thanks for playing along. Nice Gordon Lightfoot track.

  4. draliman says:

    You’ve got to hand it to Snuggle, he never gives up despite the danger to his nasal passages.

  5. I don’t imagine Rainy was much bothered by the “distance rule” through the worst of Covid……….! Not many dare to get that close anyway.


  6. Was that General Squirrell crossing the Delaware?

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