Digging For Gold

All that glitters is definitely not gold…

Does another Monday morning find you feeling dull and uninspired?  Well, The Nest will help restore that shine to your smile and put a gleam in your eyes.  This is the day we get out the CLR and rub the tarnish off another old song that got left to rust in that giant junkyard of lost hits we like to call the Dusty Vinyl Archive!  DJ Scratchy is always sparkling like a diamond, though that may have something to do with those rave outfits she wears.  While the Sponkies are busy glitterbombing their surroundings.  You can’t polish a turd, but you can make an old song sound new again…

In 1979, a quintet from London would begin a twelve year run together that would quite literally span the decade of the 80’s.  That would be Spandau Ballet, who would be quite successful and well known on the European side of the Atlantic… yet largely remembered as just another one hit wonder here in America.

They don’t look like ballet dancers to me.

Yes, we remember them for their 1983 #4 hit “True,” which is still solidly in the B-tier of bonafide 80’s anthems forty years later.  But that wasn’t the song that introduced me to Spandau Ballet way back in my days as an 8 year old MTV fan.  My introduction to the cable music channel just happened to coincide with the time when their follow-up single to “True” had its music video in heavy MTV rotation.  That song was a different four letter word, and no, it didn’t start with an F…

“Gold” is how I’ll always remember Spandau Ballet.  Trying to ride the New Wave coattails of Duran Duran, the band made the video for “Gold” into an international epic tale full of exotic imagery.  Unfortunately for Spandau, all of the trouble they went through to shoot that expensive video didn’t work in the US, where “Gold” stalled at #29 on the charts and quickly proved to be quite destructible, and forgotten…

And this woman died from being spray painted gold…. no wait, that’s just a myth. I think…

Here’s a fun fact!  There have now been almost 450 songs featured in my Monday Muzak series since it started back in 2014, and this is the third of those songs simply titled “Gold.”

You should start checking my blog on Mondays. Woof!

I’ll be back next Monday to wipe the mold off some more gold…


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7 Responses to Digging For Gold

  1. oooh loved them…. I want this pills… ;O)))

  2. Yep – remember a lot about that time in my life AND that song…….I also really liked True but then who didn’t. LOL


  3. Whoa…450 tunes…that’s impressive. I always liked these guys even if they were a ‘bit’ heavy on wearing satin.

  4. noelleg44 says:

    I remember them but not that tune.

  5. draliman says:

    One of the most famous songs from the 80s let alone from Spandau Ballet. One of those where everyone joins in on the dance floor at the “gold!” bit. Not me, obviously. I do like the song, though!

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