#39 – Watch Your Step

Earlier in this countdown, I featured a squirrel with an obvious cast iron stomach that wasn’t afraid to chew up those spiky sweet gum balls that rain down in torrents from their trees.  Now, most humans aren’t going to pick one of these prickly things up and get the temptation to put it in their mouth.  But where these balls of non-pleasure really get their notorious reputation is in how they feel not so nice on the feet when you walk on one.  And wherever they fall, there’s usually a whole bunch of them laying around…

These natural minefields get even worse when the spiky fruits turn hard and brown after they’ve been off the tree for a while.  The result is an area of ground that is very difficult for man or beast to traverse… as this poor squirrel I captured a couple years ago would find out.

Must tread CAREFULLY….

Well, this isn’t so bad now…

Whoa, wait a minute! They’re multiplying!!!

I’m gonna have to make a jump for it!

We do hope our intrepid squirrel made it clear of this dangerous minefield without picking up a purple heart.  But for his bravery in the face of sweet gum ball hell, we honor this nimble-footed squirrel as my 39th favorite Saturday Squirrel of all time!


About evilsquirrel13

Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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18 Responses to #39 – Watch Your Step

  1. could be a new trend… squirrel mine sweeper ;O)

  2. Yikes……that is a mine field. Glad we don’t have one of those trees here – I don’t think Teddy would like them much either!


  3. Rivergirl says:

    A nimble and agile creature indeed.

  4. Roadtirement says:

    We’ve got one of those trees down the street. Have never seen a squirrel, nor any critter for that matter, in the area when the mines fall.

  5. Holy cow…that truly is a minefield. Those things are beyond dangerous!

  6. noelleg44 says:

    We call those blasted things bucky balls after Buckminster Fuller, the architect, because he was so devoted to ball structures. I do hope that squirrel has an iron clad mouth – give him an acorn for trying.

  7. draliman says:

    I shudder just thinking of traversing that in bare paws.

  8. Trisha says:

    Yikes, I bet that squirrel pays more attention to where he’s going from now on. Or, at least maybe a day or two. Some squirrels just don’t seem to learn. Flatso, the squirrel that I almost flattened twice, sadly didn’t learn from his 2 near death experiences and apparently ran out in front of someone who didn’t slam on the brakes soon enough to save his furry little hide.

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