Planet Nine From Outer Space

Uh oh, there’s rings around Uranus!

I’ve decided to briefly revive an old feature of mine since I’ve accumulated a handful of photos I’d like to share, but have no other posts to share them in anymore.  That will be the long lost Picture Day, which was inspired by some photo prompt Marilyn used to host many years ago that I can’t even recall the name of.  But I used to share a (non-squirrel related) photo or series of photos each week on Wednesday that I wanted to comment on, tell a story about, or just plain show off.  How old was the Picture Day feature?  The logo (see inset, right) starred Robbie the shy raccoon from my Evil Squirrel’s Nest comic that’s been out of commission for five years now!  That’s how old!

So with that crazy intro out of the way, here’s the first picture I’d like to share on the PD revival.  Like many photos here, it comes courtesy of that stupid new work phone I got stuck with last year.  This is an item we were selling for one of our numerous Black Friday event sales at Mecca this past November that happened to be stationed near where I work…

It’s one of those child-safe dartboard kind of toys because kids these days aren’t allowed to have anything fun like a real dartboard with real, artery piercing metal darts like I had in my room.  It’s called Planetary Rocket Toss, and as you might have guessed the theme is the solar system…. and apparently random zodiac constellations (A gift for our beloved Stoner Astrologers!)  As for why I’m bothering with this silly safety nazi designed game, well, something very gleefully caught my eye about that board…

Once a planet, ALWAYS a planet!

Yes, this dartboard’s background contains all NINE planets, including the much maligned Pluto that was unceremoniously stripped of its planetary tiara back in 2006 by being designated as a dwarf planet.  Was the artist who designed this solar system motif somehow oblivious to this well publicized demotion, or are they maybe, like me and many others from my generation, unwilling to accept a solar system that does not include Pluto as its ninth planet?  I’d like to think it’s the latter.  Sure, maybe they did fuck up and mistakenly designate a tiny rock at the far end of the solar system as a planet back in 1930…. but four generations of students were taught that Pluto was a planet before it got reclassified, and nobody wants to accept that something they believed all their life to be true was actually just misinformation.

Teacher! I can’t find Yugoslavia on Google Maps!


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Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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13 Responses to Planet Nine From Outer Space

  1. ghostmmnc says:

    You know, I noticed Pluto on the package there before I read your comments. Yes, Pluto is a planet and always will be, in my opinion. 🙂

  2. Twindaddy says:

    Justice for Pluto!

  3. Well I’m a firm believer in Pluto……of planetary AND cartoon fame!


  4. draliman says:

    That’s a great game, I’ve always been a fan of tossing my rocket in a completely safe manner.

  5. Being a dog lover, I too am a Pluto fan. Besides, my Mum taught me not to pick on the littlest kid in the ‘Hood.

  6. Fairy Qu33n says:

    I now remember having a dream in which I saw this blue planet from above. But he didn’t have the rings. Was it another planet? I don’t know many things about Astronomy, sorry. Maybe I’m confusing it with another planet. However now these days I’ve heard on TV that there are ten dwarf planets in the solar system but I’m not sure what that could mean.

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