Share Your World – Week 210

Don’t worry, we’ll thaw you out in two thousand years when the technology becomes available…

On January 12, 1967, a University of California psychology professor by the name of James Bedford died from cancer at the age of 73.  Why is this worthy of even mentioning?  Because Bedford became the first human to ever be cryogenically frozen upon his death, with the hope that future scientific advancement could bring him back to life.  That technology still hasn’t come around the bend just yet, but Bedord’s since been joined by a handful of other bodies in the deep freeze hoping to one day walk this earth again.  And no, one of them is NOT Walt Disney.  Though Disney did express an interest in the Life Extension Society’s mission of cryogenics, he died a month prior to Bedford’s historic freezing on December 15, 1966 before any plans could be finalized… and instead of being put on ice, he was sent into the fire to be cremated…

Too late to purchase the rights to my Shelf Critters for a few billion dollars, sadly.

Brrrrrrrr!!!!  That’s a subject better suited for a hot summer day, so let’s warm up a bit by answering this week’s Share Your World questions from Di!

One frozen earth-cube waiting to be reheated in the microwave…

How long did it take you to get back into your normal routine after the holidays?

The holidays themselves don’t take me out of my routine since I still work and I pooh-pooh all that holiday nonsense anyway.  Now taking five days off like I did last week will definitely throw me for a loop.  Funny thing is, the regular features I do on my blog are about the only thing that keeps my mental calendar even knowing what day it is during that time, and even for a week or so afterwards.  Good thing I get to go through it again with four days off in a couple weeks!

Drowning in paid time off, one of the few real benefits left for the longtime Mecca employee…

Which makes you feel more relaxed, putting your feet up in front of the fire with a good book or socialising with your friends?

On a bit of a tangent, I was noticing at work Tuesday night that our counter for space heaters is almost completely empty thanks to the Christmas polar vortex and the fact that it’s almost time for the fans and air conditioners to start coming in again.  But one winter beater that we still have PLENTY of in stock is firelogs.  Lots and LOTS of firelogs.  It really brought to light for me just how few people actually have fireplaces…. especially in a suburban area like where I live.  I’m sure in the rural stores where Mecca is king, they sell a shitload of firelogs every winter.  But here…… why do they keep sending us so much of something people here can’t use!?!?

Besides, dead possums are much more flammable and give off twice as much warmth.

Oh, the question.  How about just vegetating in front of the computer like I did for five straight days last week?

What is your favorite hot drink?

There is no such thing as a favorite hot drink.  If it doesn’t have ice in it, I’m not drinking it.

Might as well have a spoon full of Robitussin. Best served at room temperature…

If you are feeling poorly, do you prefer to be pampered, or left alone?

Well, since there’s nobody around to pamper me anyway, the answer is obvious….

Pamper? YOU? I think you have it backwards, human…


I got gratitude for ya….

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10 Responses to Share Your World – Week 210

  1. same here… first we all bought firelogs as if there is no tomorrow… and now it is not cold enough for the fireplace … and they have the firelogs on sale with 60% discount … what the .. oh man….

  2. Never knew about the first, around these parts the only dead guy on ice is Bredo Morstøl whose history is legendary in the Boulder County area. So strange but also fairly entertaining whenever folks get worked up about him. See for deets. With Xcel raising rates practically on a monthly basis, we only wish we had a fireplace in which to burn logs to get through the winter.

  3. Interesting about James Bedford. Can’t say I’d like to have died in 1967 and come back 45 years later. Thanks for joining in.

  4. draliman says:

    Now there’s an idea. I’m gonna fill my garage with household freezers and start charging the locals to freeze their beloved pets in the hopes that one day they’ll find a cure for being run over by a car. My car.
    I’ll be rich, I tell you. Rich.

  5. That cryo stuff always freaked me out. So Walt isn’t one of those popcicles? I thought he was – at least his head or some part of him.


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