Pink Monday

What it feels like inside The Nest right now…

Monday not going your way….. like, oh, say your furnace deciding to quit on you?  Well, thankfully temperatures aren’t quite frigid here right now, so my fingers can still type out another thrilling post in everyone’s favorite Monday feature, the Dusty Vinyl Archive!  The Sponkies are dressed up like Eskimos (as most Aussies would if it dips below 70 degrees), while DJ Scratchy….. well, she’s still got plenty of exposed skin.  Here’s another lost song to warm you all up while I throw another possum on the fire….

The British 80’s band New Order has a rather unique history, as it was effectively the group known as Joy Division minus its lead singer Ian Curtis who took his own life in 1980.  The three remaining members recruited keyboardist Gillian Gilbert and shifted from Joy Division’s punk music to the burgeoning club music genre.

While New Order was huge in the UK, as well as the song of theirs I’m going to choose for today’s Dusty Vinyl Archive… they had limited success in America.  I don’t believe they ever had a pop hit here, and I’m only aware of three of their songs via playing on MTV/VH1-Classic.  “Bizarre Love Triangle,” which I’m not a fan of… “True Faith,” which I do like and has a really fucked up music video…. and this one, which is actually a remix of one of their first big hits….

“Blue Monday” was originally recorded by New Order in 1983 and spent almost two years on the UK singles charts…. largely because it wasn’t available on any New Order album until years later.  When New Order looked to get a foothold in the US, Quincy Jones (the same guy who helped make Michael Jackson the King of Pop) remixed the song that started it all for them and released it as “Blue Monday ’88,” with the ’88 naturally referring to the year of release.  The remix was also supplemented by the oddly quirky video you saw above featuring bemused reactions by the band members to being attacked by tennis balls, some surreal artwork, and the photographer’s pet weimaraner Fay Ray showing off some mad balancing skillz…

This could be another DIY disaster in the making…

Come back next Monday for another lost hit when I can feel my fingers…


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Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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14 Responses to Pink Monday

  1. This morning, I was up early and peaked out to see what the feathered and furry were doing. I couldn’t COUNT how many squirrels were clustered around my feeders. I may not see them during the rest of the day, but in the early morning hours, they show up in groups. I gather that these groups of a red-squirrel thing, that the grays are less sociable? But I’m not sure that’s true. From what I see, both kind come in groups, bigger or smaller.

  2. ghostmmnc says:

    I may have heard this one before, not sure, but I like it, and the cool dog! I went to see the other video, haha, funny but I liked it, too. 🙂

  3. This group has some of the weirdest videos – But I admit I was impressed by the dog’s talent. As for squirrels – we have had a bumper crop of them this year for some reason – mild weather maybe.


  4. Snappy tune for a cloudy Monday. Sorry about the furnace. Hopefully it requires only a minor (read inexpensive) repair. 🤞🏼

  5. we love blue moanday!!! this was a dancefloor filler and it still is… Fay Ray? ha! that’s mee! naah meee!!! whatever.. it ends in a disaster, that’s the main thing

  6. draliman says:

    I’m pretty sure I have a 7″ vinyl single of this somewhere. One of those songs you grow up with and therefore imprints itself forever in one’s neural pathways.

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