Share Your World – Week 216

Meet your friendly neighborhood plutonium dealer. Sorry, no refunds…

On the night of February 23, 1941, a team of University of California-Berkley physicists led by Glenn Seaborg became the first scientists to ever successfully produce and isolate the element plutonium…. though nobody would know of their discovery for many years later as the US government, due to the secrecy of the Manhattan Project, put the kibosh on this important discovery until after World War II was over.  With an atomic number of 94, plutonium is easily the element with the highest number on the periodic table that most common people have heard of before… and of course, it’s named for the much maligned planet Pluto.  And without plutonium, Marty McFly would have been stuck with his boring ass family and never got the chance to make out with his mother…

Great Scott! You’re your own father now, Marty!

Now that we can safely take off our radiation suits, let’s answer something a little less toxic…. this week’s Share Your World questions from Di!  The subject this week seems to be shopping, and bear in mind that someone who’s spent about 40 hours a week in a retail store for the past 25 years may have some nonstandard reactions to these queries….

Plutonium in action!

When food shopping, do you go with a list and stick to it, or buy on the hop?

“On the hop” is an interesting idiom that I’m pretty sure does not exist in America… but I get the meaning!

No, the variety of my grocery needs is so little that I can pretty easily determine what I normally buy in an aisle and whether I need more of it or not as I shop… which makes things quick since I obviously shop after getting off work and just want to get back home.

I’m in a HURRY! Get that scooter moving, BITCH!

When clothes shopping, do you prefer to shop in a store or buy mail order?

Mail order!  I love blasts from the past like that…

I hope operators are still standing by! Even if they’re in Bangladesh now…

The last time I bought shirts off Amazon, they didn’t have pockets on them like they were supposed to.  I’d rather be able to see for myself what I’m buying, even if it is just my same old boring attire…

Do you like shopping for shoes?

I have worn almost literally the same kind of shoes since I was in grade school over 35 years ago.  I buy a new pair of the same kind whenever my old pair needs replacing, thus spending maybe a total of one minute each year shoe shopping.  With a sample that small, I can’t really verify whether I enjoy it or not….

Not everyone can appreciate the joy of shoes like Imelda Marcos.

Do you enjoy shopping alone or with friends/partner?

Ask Sparklepony….

The answer for me is obvious…

Two’s a crowd on my cloud, baby…

Gratitude Retro Comic:

As much as I enjoyed making weekly comics for five-plus years, I sure don’t miss going through this…


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12 Responses to Share Your World – Week 216

  1. I LOVE!! shoes shopping since I was a kidlet. I climbed on a locomotive they had to attract the kids. I landed on the floor with a broken collar bone… school’s out for two whole weeks… aaaand!!! we got the shoes for free, yay! what a day… ;O)

  2. I’m not much of a shopper….although I tend to buy stuff more when I’m on vacation than I do the whole rest of the year. The only exception is grocery shopping because I go on Sunday morning at 6AM when the store opens and nobody else is there…..I don’t have to avoid other carts, smile at anyone, exchange pleasantries with anyone – I just go into a “shopping trance” and I’m home in no time. Nice.


    • A lot of the 6 AM’ers are regulars, especially on the weekend. As long as they don’t need anything out of a locked case or a fishing license, it’s all good since we have nobody to do any of that crap until much later in the day…

  3. draliman says:

    I can’t believe someone stole your pockets even before the shirts arrived. Some people have no shame…

  4. noelleg44 says:

    What a great history lesson! I HATE shopping for shoes – which is why I basically just have four pairs.

  5. Shopping these days is soooo overrated. Guess when there are so many options you just get overwhelmed.

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