Share Your World – Week 219

Share Your World? I thought you wanted me to play some violin for the Dusty Vinyl Archive!

On March 16, 1906 one of the hardest working men in showbusiness was born, Henny Youngman.  “The King of the One Liners,” Youngman revolutionized stand up comedy in the first half of the 20th century with short jokes that got right to the punch line in contrast to the more elaborate setups comedians of the day used.  The violin he often accompanied his acts with was a product of his original career as the leader of a jazz band called the Swanee Syncopaters… where he realized his true calling upon being asked once to fill in at a club he was playing for the absent comedian.  Youngman tirelessly performed his act at gatherings large and small right up until a month before his death in 1998… often working out deals on the spot to do his act for a few hundred bucks at weddings and bar mitvahz.  And of course, he’ll always be best remembered for the most iconic of his one liners….

Take my wife….. PLEASE!!!!

Since The Nest doesn’t have a wife for the taking, we’ll just get on with business as usual for a Thursday…. answering Di’s Share Your World questions for this week!

Take this world, please!

What kind of music do you like?

I like all kinds of music, as a run through the last nine years worth of Monday posts on this blog will reveal.  There’s some music I have a better chance of liking more than others, of course.  80’s music is what I grew up with, especially new wave and pop from that time.  You can hardly go wrong with oldies from the 60’s, and rock from the 70’s.  And I’ll never be afraid to profess my love for one of the most hated musical genres of them all….

Disco rocks! John Travolta, not so much….

What is your favorite food?

Whatever doesn’t eat me first….

Possum pie, anyone?

It wasn’t that long ago, I’d have easily answered this question with good ol’ fried chicken.  But other than what I make at home a couple times a week, it’s hardly a staple of my diet now as more beef and pork have wormed their way onto my plate.  To borrow a line from those annoying ads you used to see on websites everywhere, “Vegetarians Hate Him!”….

Maybe I should branch out my carnivorous desires out even further…

What is your favorite tipple?

Wait a minute……. WHAT!?!?!?

Geez, using post-college level vocabulary on my dumb ass!  Even Jeopardy’s “potent potables” category always confused me for years….

OK, what’s my favorite intoxicating liquor?  That’s easy to answer since I don’t drink alcohol.  So I guess I need to invoke part two of this question…

For those who don’t drink, what do you order when out with friends?

That’s even easier to answer since I don’t go out with friends.  I guess if I did go out with friends to some place that served tippling drinks, I’d order what I would anywhere else….

What relaxes you?

The soothing hum of a box fan….

Even cats can’t resist…

Gratitude:  How often do you have some ‘Me Time’?

I’m very selfish with my time, so most time is Me Time.

For the denizens of my old comic, Me Time was much harder….

…..due to all my old running gags!  Ah, remember when!


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Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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19 Responses to Share Your World – Week 219

  1. beth says:

    thanks for filling in his back story for us

  2. I love your monday muzak posts!!!!

  3. Youngman was a classic….he was so corny he was hilarious. Love the flashback comic……we all miss them!


  4. Ally Bean says:

    I never thought Youngman was funny, but I understand why he was thought to be so. You didn’t know the word ‘tipple’? I am shocked, but then I grew up around social drinkers with large vocabularies.

    • I learn a lot of new words when I read your blog, so my vocabulary is definitely not at the tipple-topple level. Social drinking where I live is getting a beer out of the fridge ala Archie Bunker, well below the social strata of a fancy word like tipple…

  5. noelleg44 says:

    I hate that music, too! Loved Henny Youngman (Take my wife…go on, take my wife).

  6. Kismet says:

    You eat bird???? SQUAAAAAAWK

  7. Thanks for sharing your world ES. I’m not a drinker either, and in the days when I did socialise with friends, it was usually a soda and lime with plenty of ice. See you next week I hope.

  8. Nothing wrong with me time. These days it’s more critical than ever maintaining one’s good mental health. Cheers!

  9. Kismet says:

    Young man must be a parrot-he is barely 100. We parrot live forever. So get on my good side.

  10. draliman says:

    Answer… not… fried… chicken… world… turned… upside… down…
    At least you’re staying loyal to Pepsi.

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