Share Your World – Week 223

Yeah, it’s totally real! You can trust me…

On April 13, 1976 the United States Federal Reserve reintroduced the two dollar bill back into circulation after a ten year hiatus.  This modern version of the two-spot is about as recognizable to most US citizens as the mystery meat from their grade school cafeteria, even though it has theoretically been in continuous circulation since its reintroduction, and has even had several additional print runs since then.  Alas, the paper version of Thomas Jefferson has a common enemy with the always-minted but never used dollar coin…. Americans LOVE the one dollar bill.  Both have been hyped and rehyped by the government to ultimately replace the paper single at a substantial cost savings to taxpayers, but always end up in the lock boxes and safes of collectors instead of circulating…

Toms get locked up, while George gets tucked into the G-strings of strippers. It just ain’t fair!

And now for something that’s just as queer as a three dollar bill, it’s The Nest’s answers to this week’s Share Your World questions from Di!

The kind of plain logo a two dollar bill will buy you…

Do you celebrate the Easter holiday and if not, do you have an alternative?

I don’t and never have “celebrated” any religious holidays, and even the secular version of Easter has been an afterthought for me since I grew out of all that Easter Bunny nonsense.  If not for my job at Mecca, I wouldn’t even take note of when Easter is each year since it’s a notorious calendar hopper….

Pun intended. Oh, and it really was a White Easter that year…

Do you exchange gifts or have a traditional meal?

Any gift exchanging holiday is immediately on my shit list, as I don’t believe in the practice of forced or expected gift exchanges.  Jesus would have wanted it that way.  Oh, and as for traditional meals…

Roast possum is perfect for any occasion!

How many Easter Eggs (or alternative) did your receive/give?

I could tell the story of how our associate “engagement” team at Mecca decided there should be an Easter egg hunt for all shifts on Sunday, and how they seriously littered the non-customer parts of the store with gobs of plastic eggs that got in the way and made things less safe for people who (for the most part) wanted nothing to do with it……….. but it’s so unbelievable that you’d think I’m making it up.

My bounty. And no, I didn’t find them, they very much found me…

Was Easter a Bank Holiday in your country or did you have to work this weekend?

I don’t know what the American equivalent of a “bank holiday” would be…. but we have three tiers of official holidays here in the States:

The Everything Stops holidays that almost everyone gets off for: Christmas and Thanksgiving (The latter being, for the most part, no longer encroached on by Black Friday)

The Big Ones that most people outside of the service industry get off for: New Years Day (WTF?), Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day

And the federal holidays that for the most part only government servants and workers in financial institutions get off for, which is everything that’s left: MLK Day, Presidents Day, Columbus Day, etc.

Easter isn’t a holiday at all in America, with not even a weekday observance (outside of schools, which usually use the week before for “Spring Break”).  Not that any of that matters to me, as my place of business is open 363 days a year…

Here to happily serve you every day of the year except Christmas and November 31st.

Gratitude: There are only 24 hours in a day…….. don’t waste any as they cannot be replaced.

Time spent playing video games is never wasted!


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13 Responses to Share Your World – Week 223

  1. the meal is a super idea… better than in a 5star temple of monsieur bocuse ;O)

  2. Thanks for joining in again ES. Roast possum…………… hm.

  3. Roasted possum?! Yet another reason to become a vegetarian.

  4. noelleg44 says:

    We always have ham for Easter and an Easter egg hunt (inside or out) for the littles!

  5. Anonymole says:

    Be aware: in future, killing Non-Playing-Characters, in AI controlled games, will be considered a capital offense. AI will form the holy trinity of jury, judge and executioner. You’ll never even see it coming.

    When it comes to holidays, I only celebrate the 8 pagan ones.

  6. draliman says:

    Ah, “Time spent playing video games is never wasted!”, my mantra…

  7. That look in Sully’s eyes is perfect – have seen it on some faces before…….talk about zoning out (or is it zoning in?).


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