Share Your World – Week 224

The world is in their hands. Translation: We’re fucked.

April 20, 1946 was a transitionary day in world history as it was the day The League of Nations was wiped from existence.  Set up after Word War I in an effort to provide a central body that could offer peaceful solutions to international issues between countries, the League’s primary goal was to prevent a second world war, which it kinda failed miserably at.  Look no further than the fact that its four permanent members (akin its successor, the United National Security Council) were Britain, France, Italy and Japan.  If you even have a passing knowledge of how the war that the League was supposed to prevent happened, you’ll realize that probably didn’t work out too well.

And the most tragic irony that doomed the League of Nations was that it was largely the brainchild of US President Woodrow Wilson, who even won the 1919 Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts to establish the League.  All Woody could do was watch in horror as Congress refused to allow the US to join at all, as postwar Americans went back to their isolationist ways until one of the League’s permanent members bombed Pearl Harbor two decades later…

Ummmmm….. wait, isn’t there something else special about April 20th?

No, you must be stoned again Fuzzywig…. so allow me to clear out the smoke and get high on one of my favorite activities, answering this week’s Share Your World questions from Di!

A bit of a psychedelic trip for 4/20…

Do you have a special talent?

Well, I’ll let longtime readers of my blog determine whether my talent I’ve displayed here if special or not.  But I do (or rather, did) draw a lot of my own digital artwork, and use my gift of really messed up and raunchy humor to create scenes, stories and sometimes whole movies with the inanimate objects that inhabit my shelf…

No autographs, please. They might bite….

What was your best subject at school and was it your favorite?

Geography was probably my best subject in my school days.  I could draw a pretty decent map of the US and Cold War Europe freehand without looking at a map when I was much younger.  Unfortunately, there weren’t many geography classes to take in high school…. mostly assorted math, science and literature classes that I wasn’t as fond of.

Dammit! Back to the dunce stool…

Do you like to cook?

No, I don’t.  If I can’t nuke it or fry it in less than twenty minutes, I don’t eat it.

Snuggle’s only into cooking for the fringe benefits.

Do you get riled easily?

Yes, I have a pretty short temper in real life… whether its dealing with stupidity at work (where I’m not supposed to be angry because everyone is supposed to assume anger = violent these days, but I get pissed anyway) or frustration at the games I play on the computer… I can blow my top pretty easily.  But it’s all bark and no bite, really…..

I let Ody handle the physical outlet for my anger…

Gratitude Retro Comic:

At least I managed to pass all my math classes without cheating….


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Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.
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13 Responses to Share Your World – Week 224

  1. that means buster is no option for me and for you?.. it would end like it always ends?

  2. Fascinating info on the League of Nations. I’d forgotten a lot of the background. Happy 4-20-make sure you keep your powder dry and mellow today.

  3. Thanks for joining in ES. Interesting about the League of Nations.
    Your comic clip reminds me of our darts matches where the chalker used their phone to add up the total of the three darts and then again to take that total away from the score. There were calls for someone who could add up, so I was volunteered by my team and very popular for competitions!
    See you next week!

    • It’s sad that so many people can’t do simple math in their head anymore. A lot of the people I work with can’t even write calculate anything writing it out longhand, and we do have to do some multiplication that goes well beyond the normal tables when counting quantities on pallets….

  4. noelleg44 says:

    Ironic history. Now we have the United Nations, paid for largely by the US and run by our sworn enemies.

    • That’s the problem with appointing “permanent member countries.” A casual review of history will reveal how often countries have switched allegiances with each other. Today’s allies are tomorrow’s foes…

  5. draliman says:

    There’s no way I could draw any sort of accurate map. Geography at my school was mainly about glaciers and whatnot as far as I recall, rather than what country goes where…

  6. Always enjoy your flashback ‘toons…….I enjoyed geography in school but always messed up when drawing the map of the US with all states in place. The middle of the country was always confusing when it came to which state is where. DUH. Anyway, nice to have Ody be the “muscle” of your family – Teddy is intimidating at 28 lbs. and doesn’t have to use his fangs!


  7. Ally Bean says:

    I liked Geography when I was in middle school, but by high school it wasn’t offered. Enough of learning about the world, I guess. I like your comic. It’s the second time this week I’ve seen a blogger talking about how doing math in your head is a lost skill. I could get by, but who’d care anymore?

    • It saddens me to see cellphone calculators whipped out by people (including some people who definitely predate smartphones) to do very simple math. I think the biggest problem isn’t that doing math in the head is a lost skill, but that THINKING is what is actually becoming a lost skill…

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