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Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.

Who’s Crying Now?

Music and Monday are both connected by the letter M… and thanks to The Nest, they go together in another awesome way!  That’s because Monday’s the day we sift through the alphabet soup to yank out another lost hit that … Continue reading

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O Mighty Squirrel

From high upon his perch in the tallest tree of the land, this squirrel warrior surveys his territory.  Always on the lookout for any signs of trouble or unrest, he keeps a keen eye on all parts of the kingdom.  … Continue reading

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Share Your World – Week 107

I like to begin my Share Your World posts with a random tidbit from the past week… something I often find myself at a loss for come Thursday giving my boring existence.  That certainly wasn’t the case this past week… … Continue reading

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Meet The New Boss

CHIP: Are you ready for the inauguration, Fuzzy? FUZZYWIG: Almost.  I just need to freshen up this doob a little more… CHIP: Fuzzy!  This is a very hallowed occasion!  Put that pot away! FUZZYWIG: Say, you think we could move … Continue reading

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Bigger Is Better

Ready to start the new week in a really big way?  Well, The Nest’s the biggest name in the Monday Muzak business… and this is the day we cast a wide net and pull out another whopper of a lost … Continue reading

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