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Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.

Pop Music

People have a special day honoring everything from Star Wars culture to talking like pirates… appreciating squirrels to glorifying irrational numbers… getting drunk like the Irish or getting drunk like the Mexicans.  So why not have a holiday that puts … Continue reading

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Lettuce Rejoice

This was the first picture I took not even 30 seconds after I got out of my car when I went to the park a week and a half ago.  This squirrel found a piece of lettuce in the garbage … Continue reading

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To The Moon

EVIL SQUIRREL: Are you about done typing that script up for this week’s Good Friday episode, numbnuts? TROLL: You mean the one where Buster gets nailed up on the cross?  Uhhhh, not yet sir. ES: How much more is left? … Continue reading

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Missing Miss Gypsy

I haven’t been running many Picture Day posts on my blog recently, and I guess the reason why is that I haven’t been taking many photos lately.  One of the main reasons for that may be that I’ve been without … Continue reading

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Earl The Squirrel

The world is random.  At The Nest, we strive to make your Wednesdays even more unpredictable with a little feature we call Random Image Inspiration.  Let’s pick a few numbers and see what glorious picture will guide us to salvation … Continue reading

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