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Bored former 30-something who has nothing better to do with his life than draw cartoon squirrels.

The Cat’s Meow

Having trouble waking up from your catnap on this Monday morning?  Well, The Nest always has the music that will get you purring again.  This is the day we scoop through clay to find another great song that got buried … Continue reading

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Wabbit And Squirrel Season

Ah, what happens when the beginning of the Year of the Rabbit coincides with the much celebrated National Squirrel Appreciation Day?  Well, you get a fight for small critter superiority in the backyard… Come on, guys.  We can honor both … Continue reading

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Share Your World – Week 211

On January 19, 1915 Georges Claude received a patent for the neon discharge tube specifically to be used in advertising, and a huge part of mid 20th Century Americana was born.  Neon signs became a ubiquitous part of American life … Continue reading

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#34 – Careful!

Squirrels love to chase each other for a variety of reasons.  Whether defending their territory, pursuing a love interest, or just for the total hell of it… it’s hardly uncommon to see them pursue each other on the ground and … Continue reading

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Two Star Muzak

Not feeling all bright and shiny at the start of a new week?  Well, let The Nest restore that twinkle to your eyes and your ears!  It’s Monday, and that’s the day we scan the skies for another great song … Continue reading

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