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Happy Unicorn Appreciation Day!

During last month’s Holiday Touring madness, Goldfish declared January 11th to be Unicorn Appreciation Day.  Well, with Rainbow Donkey as one of my most popular characters, how could I not get in on that action?  So your goal today should … Continue reading

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Reliving The Fun!

Today is the third anniversary of my Evil Squirrel’s Nest blog… Yes, only a total douchebag with no life like me would choose to start up a blog on the evening that Rankin Bass told us was the holiest night … Continue reading

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Carve ‘Em Up!

Halloween has rolled around again, and here at Nest HQ, that means it’s time to create this year’s squirrel o’lantern!  It’s been an annual tradition that dates back before this blog even came into existence.  The first squirrel o’lantern design … Continue reading

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The Piglapossumcorn

I had no good way to work this week’s Cartoon Craziness Challenge into the comic idea I’d already had set to go… so this time it gets a post of its very own.  This week’s topic was mythical creatures.  Heck, … Continue reading

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Look at me, I’m at The Nest!

Hello there, squirrel lovers! I’d like to start off by announcing that I am the first blogger to ever have a guest post here at The Nest. Because of this honor, I implore you, ES, to make a badge for me. Please? … Continue reading

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