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Posts about my CafePress store.

The Good Stuff

Every year when I start up the Contest of Whatever, I always vow to create some new designs for my old, obsolete Cafepress shop so the winners have a wider selection of stuff to choose from.  And every year….. yeah, … Continue reading

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Don’t Stop Believin’

Remember back in August when I discussed how the crickets my online shops usually attracts had become a little less cricketier thanks to one seemingly forgotten design of mine?  Of course you don’t… you probably can’t even remember what I … Continue reading


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Win Evil Squirrel’s Stuff!

If you’ve ever taken a look at the crap fine merchandise I have in my Cafepress shop, and thought to yourself you just had to have yourself some of that, but didn’t want to pay for it… well, I’ve got … Continue reading

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Rainbow Quadricorn?

My Mom & Dad are some of my biggest fans here on my blog, likely because it’s the closest they can come to creeping on me since I don’t (and never will) have a Facebook account.  But when they were … Continue reading

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Dream Big!

So I couldn’t resist the notion of trying to work out a design featuring the sleeping squirrel picture I showed off this past Saturday.  I thought the squirrel should be shown dreaming, and inspirationally so.  I dug up another picture … Continue reading

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