Evil Squirrel and his pals now have their own comic strip, which I launched on May 3, 2012 and plan to contribute to weekly every Thursday.  Drawn on paper and colored in Photoshop, they have a slightly different feel to them than my regular mouse-drawn artwork you normally see here, but the goal is the same.  I aim to be quirky, cute, relevant, and of course funny.  My comic series is now old enough to have a number of running gags… like mandatory Buster, Rainbow Donkey, and Vinyl Scratch appearances.  Oh, and…

The possum usually dies...

The possum usually dies…

To see all past editions of the Evil Squirrel’s Nest comic strip, look for the “Comics” category on the sidebar, or just click on this link to essentially see the same thing.  To get the lowdown on most of my comic’s main and recurring characters, click on the “Meet the Gang” page under “Fun Stuff” in my header.


Note: My comic died a slow and painful death during the Summer of 2017 and never got back on track.  The last comic (#281) was published on September 14, 2017.


2 Responses to Comics

  1. tmitsss says:

    Love the lead graphic!

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