Evil Squirrel’s Zodiac

es zodiac

For the first twelve Fridays of 2015, I used my highly sarcastic and irreverent powers to profile each of the 12 signs of the Western zodiac.  With the help of a crystal ball, some pinochle tarot cards, one of my hapless characters, and of course the world famous Stoner Astrologers… The Nest provides a uniquely quirky and messed up look into the attributes of all twelve sects of the astrological society that many people put a great deal of importance in identifying with.  Is astrology just pure bunk, or is there something to it after all?  Now you can be the judge… and hopefully have a laugh in the process!

Click on the image to see the post for that sign of the zodiac…

aries odyssey

taurus buster es

gemini sully blaze

cancer robbie

leo hooly

virgo nabob

angel libra

scorpio rd

sagittarius hottie

capricorn mbrs

aquarius wiki

pisces sandy



1 Response to Evil Squirrel’s Zodiac

  1. dragonsashes says:

    I love these! Some of them are so funny. XD

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