Monday Music


A regular Monday feature from June 2014 through December 2015, Mecca Muzak Mondays feature a song I became familiar with off of one of the numerous specially made in-store muzak CD’s to play over the speakers at work.  Most of the songs me and DJ Scratchy select are somewhat more obscure and modern tracks… often from indie artists that aren’t at the forefront of pop music.  For a company that seems hopelessly wrapped up in corporate attitude, Mecca plays some refreshingly different music in their stores!  I’ve come to like a lot of it, and I’ll bet you will too!

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dusty vinyl

Due to the discontinuation of the Mecca CD’s, in January 2016 I transitioned my Monday music feature over to DJ Scratchy’s Dusty Vinyl Archive, which features some of my favorite songs from anytime in pop music history that are lesser known, fell out of popularity, or are just plain obscure.  Even if you don’t remember some of these fine, upstanding songs, I hope you will enjoy listening to them for the first time all over again!

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