Prompt The Squirrel II

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It was so much fun the first time, I decided to do it again!  Prompt The Squirrel Friday  returned for a second season in 2016.  Beginning in March, reader could use the contact form at the bottom of this post to submit their ideas.  21 readers in all sent in prompts, which could be as general or details as they wished, which kept this series going through the first week of August!  Below are the 21 posts that made up PTS2…

Bloggers Whose Prompts Were Featured:

Quirky Girl – Daylight Savings Time sucks! (3/18/16)
Marilyn – Old comics and Buster’s creation (3/25/16)
Mattmax – An Ode To A Skunk (4/1/16)
Juliette – Guy Music vs. Girl Music (4/8/16)
Dragonsashes – Building a hybrid creature! (4/15/16)
Merby – Mario and Luigi (4/22/16)
JackieP – Squirrels in space (4/29/16)
Easy Rider – A word from our sponsor (5/6/16)
Satin Sheet Diva – When plot bunnies attack! (5/13/16)
Trisha – How to start a riot at a Little League game (5/20/16)
Ally Bean – The cast of Evil Squirrel’s Nest: The Movie (5/27/16)
Lone Grey Squirrel – A disaster movie in more ways than one (6/3/16)
The Cutter – Triple H vs. Local H… ponies decide! (6/10/16)
Kat – Drawing Erin… and MBRS (6/17/16)
One Spoiled Cat – Stupid inventions (6/24/16)
Jaded – What makes me laugh (7/1/16)
Faith Hope And Chocolate – Bananaman! (7/8/16)
Jenn’s Midlife Crisis – The Nest’s favorite video games (7/15/16)
Draliman – Critters on a desert island! (7/22/15)
Da Tabbies O Trout Town – Hunting the hunters (7/29/16)
Gentlestitches – On walkabout with Buster and Wiki (8/5/16)