Random Image Inspiration

Beginning at the start of 2019, I have dedicated every Wednesday to writing a miscellaneous post based on a completely random image that is chosen each week by using a bizarre but effectively random formula.

Each week whenever I’m ready to write the post, I’ll use the random number generator at the site Random.org to choose four different numbers which will each help select a certain element in helping me to find the image I will use as inspiration that week.

The world famous Randomator, ready to cough up the next four unlucky numbers!

The first random number will be between 1 and 50, (The upper limit was 20 for the first few months of RII) and will choose a post from my Reader that will provide me the key words to be used in an image search.  For example, if the number chosen is 13, I will use the 13th post from the top from my Reader at that point in time.

The second and third random numbers will be between 1 and 100, and will pick the two words I will cull from that post as search terms.  For example, if the numbers were 69 and 42, I would choose the 69th word from the selected post and the 42nd word from the selected post.  If the post contains fewer words than the number selected, I’ll wrap back around to the beginning of the post to continue counting.  I will then enter word 69 and word 42 (in that order!  Always the second then third number, regardless of the relative value of each) into Google Images to obtain a list of image results.

The fourth random number will be between 1 and 100 and will correspond to the image from the list of results I’ll select.  For example, if the number is 99, I’ll use the 99th search result in the list as my inspiration image.

It’s as simple as that!  This will hopefully help add some variety to my blog that had been missing in years past.  Who knows what I’ll have to come up with each Wednesday!

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