Shelf Critter Theatre

Hey, hey! The gang's all here!

Hey, hey! The gang’s all here!

Shelf Critter Theatre is a regular Friday feature on The Nest that officially began in October 2016.  SCT features my ridiculous collection of figurines, stuffies and other assorted treasures of mine (A number of whom were made and/or sent to me by blog readers and are credited here) acting out small plays in my computer room with minimal props and even more minimal scenery.  While the potential of my collectibles in live “action” features using my beyond-warped sense of humor wasn’t fully realized until Bacon sent Bashful the pet rock to stay with me for a while… requiring me to come up with some kind of adventures for him, the roots of SCT can be traced back at least several years prior…

Some of the posts that inspired Shelf Critter Theatre include…

Along Came Scratchy from 2014

Who Needs An Elf? from 2014

Mystery Pony Theater 3000 from 2015

A Pony Christmas Carol…. posted in five parts (one, two, three, four, five) just prior to Christmas 2015

Preparation H from 2016

Most of Bashful’s Adventures in the Fall of 2016

Bashful's quite happy to no longer be a part of the troupe...

Bashful’s quite happy to no longer be a part of the troupe…

Some of Shelf Critter Theatre’s more popular characters are….

fuzzywigFuzzywig, the rather shifty looking raccoon with an affinity for a certain recreational drug.  He generally acts like a sleazeball and almost always gets in some reference to the time “4:20” in each appearance.




mitzi-selfieMitzi the Bimbocorn, who is as truly unique and one of a kind as any unicorn you’ll find out there.  She’s ditzy, floofy, talks like a teenage girl, and is perpetually horny and looking for a good time.  Few can resist her silicone charms, including many of SCT’s biggest fans.



polads21Rainy the skunk carries a rain gauge around with her at all times in a futile and frustrating attempt to collect rain that never seems to fall on the Shelf.  Her gauge is always coming under attack by thieves who try to put it to some bizarre alternative use, or who fill it up with what Rainy would describe as “NOT Rain!”  Easily angered, she has the traditional skunk defense mechanism, and isn’t afraid to use it!

Son of a bitch!Snuggle Bear is a much creepier (if that’s possible) and much more sinister (ditto) version of the fabled fabric softener mascot.  He likes to wreak havoc with the plow attached to his race car, which he also tries to pass off as a pedo van.




Scratchy (aka Vinyl Scratch/DJ Pon 3 from the MLP world) is the hip and cool pony of the collection with an obvious affinity for music and her prizes Kevin Eubanks “In The Heat Of Heat” cassette.



hoof3Tina is the sassy and spunky little unicornlet niece of Scratchy who is streetwise well beyond her years.  She fearlessly stands up to the much bigger villains, jerk and preverts in the cast who wish to do her harm.  Don’t mess with a pony who smells like Disney Princesses bubble bath…


rain7Buster the unlucky possum carries with him the same burden as his comic strip alter ego, in that he usually ends up dying in some bizarre and grisly way each time he appears.  The one main difference between comic Buster and SCT Buster is that the crocheted character is a generally pleasant and cheerful critter before meeting his end.


winter2The Sponkies are half-unicorn, half-pony twin children with a bit of an Aussie flavor due to their creator.  They are tagged as Sponkie 1 (The boy, blue eyes) and Sponkie 2 (The girl, red eyes) in each play.  The Sponkie boy has a huge “Stacy’s Mom” type crush on Mitzi while his sister struggles to keep him in check.


luck15Sparklepony is the mother of The Sponkies, and a glittered and bangled up abomination of an old school MLP pony.  Trying to keep her kids and hubby in line will likely be the death of her.



bashfulbar3Rainbow Donkey (at least in the SCT universe) is the husband of Sparklepony and the father of The Sponkies.  He is much more laid back and easy going than his comic inspiration, which often gets him in trouble with his more wound up better half.



bashfulstory8Troll is an overeduation, underemployed ne’er do well who has to fight and claw to survive the mean streets of the Shelf.  Other than the occasional fling with Mitzi, poor Troll never can seem to catch a break… even losing his hold on main SCT villain to Snuggle Bear!


show2Chip is a squirrel/chipmunk hybrid who has been cast into the host/emcee role in any kind of TV show parodies the SCT gang puts on.  He’s a straight man with deadpan humor all the way, which makes him a great match for…. well, just about any of the other out of control critters in the troupe.


luck3Fleabag is Fuzzywig’s pet mutt who has a propensity for constantly barking and piddling in the most inappropriate places.  Completely disobedient yet absolutely adorable, he’ll one day end up on the buffet at the local Chinese restaurant if Fuzzywig has his way.


luck12The Squirrel Children are five totally cute little sciurine figures who need every bit of their good looks to get themselves out of all the trouble they cause.  They are referred to by numbers, with the exception of the “Littlest” who is always the one getting blamed by the others for all their misdeeds.



Other recurring Shelf Critter Theatre characters include…..


           Shadow the Umbreon                                                 Bad Santa


                   Seymour the Elf                                                Princess Luna


             Shelf President Uncle Sam                        Applejack and Twilight


                             Mr. Fox                                                                  Scrat


                              George                                                Prozac the Happy Squirrel

And a cast of thousands of bit players!

You can view every episode of Shelf Critter Theatre by clicking this link