Squirrels Year by Year

For Evil Squirrel’s Nest’s tenth anniversary near the end of 2021, I compiled a gallery of my favorite squirrel photos from each full year I’ve engaged in the hobby, going back to 2012.  I’m taken tens of thousands of pictures since then, many of which never even get saved, even fewer still which ever appear on my blog…. and from that small set I chose only the best to feature in my yearly recaps!

I’ve continued to do this at the end of each year, even after the 10th anniversary celebration, and below are links to every yearly recap of my favorite squirrel photos.  Make sure you properly prepare yourself for a massive dose of toxic cuteness as you delve into this treasure trove of the very best of The Nest’s signature content…

The Squirrels Of 2012

squirrel looking at camera

The Squirrels Of 2013


The Squirrels Of 2014

The Squirrels Of 2015

The Squirrels Of 2016

The Squirrels Of 2017

squirrel hanging upside down

The Squirrels Of 2018

The Squirrels Of 2019

The Squirrels Of 2020

The Squirrels Of 2021

The Squirrels Of 2022