Some of the cool shit my readers have sent me!

Some of the cool shit my readers have sent me!

From the time I started this blog in December 2011 up through the Fall of 2012, I mostly just posted to myself here.  No following, no fans, no friends.  Just me and a bunch of cartoon critters.  I can’t imagine going through those lonely days of talking to myself again… I am so happy to have found a bunch of good friends on WordPress!  And even better, I have a lot of really neat tokens and trinkets they’ve kindly sent me over the years… and being a hoarder collector of tokens and trinkets, these things mean much more to me than most people would realize!  This page is here to not only show off my cool little bloggy treasures, but to serve as a permanent thank you to the wonderful online friends who shot them my way!

The most beautiful donkicorn in the world!

The most beautiful donkicorn in the world!

Jennifer from the Squirrel Picnic blog is an amazingly talented crochet artist, and she occasionally asks her readers to challenge her to make something.  In 2013, I suggested my unicorn character Rainbow Donkey, and lo and behold, this beautiful technicolor donkicorn was the result!  I was even more surprised when she sent me the finished product!  He has been making my computer room a more cheerful place since August of 2013!

Rip Taylor's personal pet.

Rip Taylor’s personal pet.

In September 2013, I entered and won Alice’s Sparky contest with this amazingly arrogant and sarcastic post.  That netted me the contest’s grand prize… this old school My Little Pony figure (Daisy May) that Alice and her two daughters totally tricked out with glitter and other gaudy bling.  Sparkleponeh is amazingly classy, sassy, and just a little bit trashy… and has a forever home next to Rainbow Donkey on my shelf.

Still the original horses with no name.

Still the original horses with no name.

As if I had a huge following of TMZ reporters, the rumors began to circulate about what might happen if Rainbow Donkey and Sparkleponeh became more than just good friends.  In November 2013, the kind and talented lady I called my Aussie Aunt Sharon from the Gentlestitches blog went to work creating a pair of gorgeous sparkly unicorn twins!  And they managed to make the 9,000 mile trip from Australia to my house, where they complete my strange, but beloved pony family that watches over every post I type on here!

Three for one! Or is it actually two for one?

Three for one! Or is it actually two for one?

YoungAtFifty is another crocheter who follows me, and who won my First Annual Contest of Whatever in February 2014 with these cute little knittings of (l-r) Buster, Evil Squirrel, and Rainbow Donkey!  Buster and ES are actually part of a “topsy turvy doll,” as Buster folds into ES and vice versa.  I was blessed to have her send me these wonderful creations!


It’s the end of the cat as we know it…

In January 2014, I won one of five copies of “Fauxpocalypse” from DJ at The Matticus Kingdom (He was a contributing author), coming out on top in the fourth contest with this entry in which I created some original artwork around the prompts.

Freaky unicorns are just awesome.

Freaky unicorns are just awesome.

This former Happy Meal toy of My Little Pony’s resident deejay Vinyl Scratch was sent to me in May 2014 courtesy of Sheena from Not a Punk Rocker solely because I coveted it, and she was looking to rehome her pony collection.  Scratchy, as I like to call her, has since become an unofficial mascot of The Nest… hosting my Mecca Muzak Monday features, and a small icon of her has appeared in every weekly comic I’ve posted since the month she came my way.

Just hangin' out with my peeps... er, critts!

Just hangin’ out with my peeps… er, critts!

The elf on a shelf above was a gift from Bacon at Pig Love, who sent him to me in November 2014.  While I didn’t win his earlier Elf on the Shelf contest, Seymour, as I named him, was a nice consolation prize!

Jingle all the way, yo!

Jingle all the way, yo!

This crocheted Santa hat was sent along with a Christmas card from Gentlestitches in December 2014.

Say it with a card!

Say it with a card!

I have received numerous holiday cards over the years from my WordPress peeps.  Above are all 11 Christmas cards I received in 2014.  Easy’s (top middle) and Goldfish’s (bottom right) were self-made.

It's grade school all over again!

It’s grade school all over again!

In February 2015, I received a “Nerdy Valentine” from Nerd In The Brain (The one on the top left), and well as a couple of cute, schoolkid Valentines from Sheena!  Awwwww…


It’s about time I got some blog lovin’!

For Christmas of 2015, Gentlestitches sent me a third straight dose of amigurumi love… although this time the gift was for my cats Ody and Biskit.  Two crocheted mouse toys made from different colored yarn, complete with a little noisemaker inside.  I decided to keep one on my shelf and let the cats have a ball with the other one… so if a rainbow mouse should show up on my blog one day bemoaning the fate of its long lost unraveled brother, now you’ll know the backstory!


5 Responses to Swag!

  1. gentlestitches says:

    Oh, Oh, they arrived hooray! What a TOTALLY squeee photograph! Rainbow unicorn mice! Rices!
    As in, “gunna bite them Rices into pie ces.

    • Rieces Pieces? I’m not sure what myc at would think of them, but ET loved them at least!

      I showed it to my Mom when the folks briefly stopped by for Christmas. She couldn’t believe it when I told her where it came from!

  2. chattykerry says:

    I was right – you have groupies! How do you cope with the fame and adoration? Crocheting just for you – you have them in the palm of your hand. 🌈 I am feeling left out so I am going off to think what I can make…

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