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Keep On Truckin’

I hope you all enjoyed your extra hour of sleep this weekend better than I enjoyed my extra hour of work.  And if your home state/country doesn’t participate in annual time-mindfuckery… please send me a travel brochure sometime.  Clock Slave … Continue reading

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Ah! Muzak!

It’s time for The Nest to kick your week into high gear with another treat for your Monday ears.  This is the day we rifle through that messy desk full of misfiled music we like to call the Dusty Vinyl … Continue reading

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Death Becomes Them

Hey, it’s Monday!  I hope you weren’t looking for the Dusty Vinyl Archive today, since it’s been shut down until 2019.  If you missed out, and shame on you for not reading every single stupid thing I post, today is … Continue reading

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Big In Japan

Happy Siete de Mayo!  What do you mean “so what?”  Isn’t the Sixth of July a big deal?  Oh, to heck with it… we don’t have time to play silly calendar games (particularly if they’re related to horrible Star Wars … Continue reading

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Who’s Cheating Who?

Death, taxes, and Monday earworms.  They are the only givens in life.  So with that being said, it’s time for The Nest to audit the shelves and deduct another classic hit from the lost song income bracket out of that … Continue reading

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