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Play It Again, Scratch

Still recovering from the shell shock of the most explosive Fourth of July the US has seen since John Hancock put King George III in a headlock?  Well, it’s Monday, and The Nest has just what you need to get … Continue reading

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The Bad Touch

Aw man, I think the calendar’s slow!  That’s right, it’s only Monday….. ONLY Monday, you say?  Well, that’s ONLY the day The Nest brings its pencil to jot down another teacher approved lost hit out of that principal’s office full … Continue reading

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Pick A Card

March is going to come in like an earworm this year if The Nest can help it.  It’s Muzak Monday, and that means it’s time to unveil the next gust of wind that I’ve ranked way up high in my … Continue reading

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All Aboard!

Hard to believe it’s been five whole years now since The Nest began redefining what Monday means to the world.  Through Mecca Muzak Mondays, two different countdowns, and now the DVA… DJ Scratchy and her record wrangling Sponkies have prepared … Continue reading

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Shitty By The Bay

Twenty-nine weeks of tolerating horrible music everyone else seems to think is awesome has all come down to this!  Today, The Nest is rolling out the red toilet paper to honor the song we chose as the absolute worst in … Continue reading

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