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The Perfect Earworm

Summer’s heating up, and The Nest isn’t about to let the muzak go into a June swoon.  Let’s start off this fabulous Monday the same way we always do, with another hot lost hit from that cooler full of musical … Continue reading

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Antisocial Drinking

It’s time for The Nest to raise its glass filled with Pepsi to another song that puts fun first.  Yes, Monday is upon us yet again, which seems to happen every seven days for some reason… and that means we’re … Continue reading

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Glow Earworm

Hey, you silly goose!  It’s that day that is supposedly full of grace, Monday!  That means it’s time for The Nest to stick in our thumb and pull out a lost hit that had a great fall out of that … Continue reading

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I Hate The 80’s

We’re at that midway point on our journey across the current row on your calendar, and that means it must be Wednesday!  So let’s bring out our best negative vibes and smack another shitty classic upside the head on The … Continue reading

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One Earworm

It’s that day when The Nest disturbs the neighbors by blasting our favorite tunes with the windows open and the bass on “earthquake.”  You may know it as Monday.  That’s the day when we clean out your cobwebs by dusting … Continue reading

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