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Need a little more excitement at the start of another boring week?  Then let The Nest spice up your Monday with another lost hit that couldn’t stand out from the crowd!  It’s time to dig through all those identical looking … Continue reading

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The Gift That Keeps On Giving

HANK FOX: Howdy, ma’am! JIM BOB SQUIRREL: We’s been wonderin’ since you’re one of them thar deejay kinda critters… CLETUS RACCOON: I reckon you might wanna officiate the square dance at our hoedown next Saturday! SCRATCHY: I only perform my … Continue reading

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The Walls Have Earworms

Ready for some nifty rhymes to help put your Monday morning back together again?  Well, of course you are… so grab your pail and let’s head up that hill!  It’s time for The Nest to stick in its thumb and … Continue reading

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Seattle’s Worst

Welcome to a very cold, but DRY Wednesday!  It’s alright that there’s no rain today to make me madder than a wet hen, because I can work myself up into a lather by going off on another popular song that … Continue reading

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Brain Damaged Eclipse

It is not often enough that I create posts outside of my weekly features you’ve all grown to know and despise… and it would seem utterly indefensible if I didn’t do one of my fucked up write ups on what … Continue reading

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