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#143 – Dog In A Blanket

Photo taken: February 26, 2010 From one peekaboo photo to another, this pooch who is trying her best to hide from my all-seeing camera is Annie… the greyhound of one of my internet friends from Oklahoma.  This trip was the … Continue reading

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Hey You Sprites!

There is no doubt about it that the 1985 movie “The Goonies” is one of the most loved and revered movies by those of us who grew up in the 80’s.  The fantastic tale of kids on the poor side … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Evil Squirrel!

Today marks the fourth anniversary of the day I created my Evil Squirrel alter ego over on my longtime internet home, and the day I consider to be the birthday of my most popular character.  ES debuted on the message … Continue reading

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The Camaro Sisters

Dogs and squirrels have just never gotten along in life.  Most canines find the little guys to be scurrying backyard pests who seem to have no other meaning in life but to taunt them from up high.  Hard to believe, … Continue reading

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Evil Squirrel

Introducing Evil Squirrel, the ringleader of my band of merry characters! Evil began as merely an alter ego of mine on the WWTBAM message board, in response to one of the other posters whose dog Annie would often come to … Continue reading

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