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The Backyard Battle

For many years, birds have had the hearts of suburban animal lovers around the world for reasons that still baffle this noted sciurophile.  Despite squirrels having cornered the market on cute, people always seem to enjoy bird watching rather than … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving In April

It’s the longest day in the week if we’re strictly talking about letter count, Wednesday!  That means its time to whip out the Kodachrome and think back on all the crap I learned in high school with another Picture Day … Continue reading

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Look At The Birdie!

It’s just another cute profile picture of a squirrel in my backyard…. though this one has something non-sciurine in it that catches your eye.  What’s with the blackbird butting in on my photo shoot?  Is it even possible to photobomb … Continue reading

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Giving You The Bird

While 99% of the photos I take are of those…. certain critters I’m not talking about right now, I do occasionally find other subjects worthy of my digital film that I can show off on my blog.  Take, for example, … Continue reading

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