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Weekend Threesome – 5/23/21

It’s funny how ever since I started this feature up, I’ll note to myself whenever the situation warrants that it’s definitely going in this Sunday’s Weekend Threesome.  I found myself thinking that about five times this week, so obviously a … Continue reading

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Share Your World – Week 114

So, a week after I asked the brain teaser that literally scared everyone away… I guess I should at least close the book on it by revealing the answer.  Why were Herb and Edna, on the occasion of their 40th … Continue reading

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Uninvited Guests

This poor squirrel was trying to take advantage of a nice corn buffet I threw out for him and his pals.  Only a bunch of migrating birds were passing by and decided they would help themselves to the spread as … Continue reading

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#27 – Angry Birds

Photo taken: January 3, 2018 I love squirrels.  I love most all furry creatures.  Those warm feelings, however, generally do not extend to our fine feathered friends.  I do not feed the birds… there are plenty of people who do … Continue reading

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Angry Birds

It’s been pretty frigid for much of the past month, but it was really, really cold during the first week of the year when I was stranded at home…. off work and mostly without a car.  It’s an old wives … Continue reading

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