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#48 – An Okie From Muskogee

I don’t travel much, and haven’t ventured outside of the local area in seven years.  Thus, the majority…. no, almost every one of my squirrel photos features sciurines from either my neighborhood or the local park.  For the rare exceptions, … Continue reading

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The Backyard Battle

For many years, birds have had the hearts of suburban animal lovers around the world for reasons that still baffle this noted sciurophile.  Despite squirrels having cornered the market on cute, people always seem to enjoy bird watching rather than … Continue reading

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For The Birds

If you have been following my blog for any significant amount of time, and gazed upon my posts, comics, and drawings that have celebrated the little critters in our world, you might get the impression that I am an animal … Continue reading

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Where Evil Squirrels Come From

When I go back and think of all of the different bits of inspiration that came together to form Evil Squirrel and friends as we know them, there is one critical source that really drove the whole evolution, and at … Continue reading

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